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Americans are taking a lot of vitamin D


Date: October 17th, 2017

What happens when you take too much Vitamin D? One of the side effects is vitamin D toxicity. Again, since the job of Vitamin D in the body is to help the system absorb Calcium, there could be too much calcium in the blood, which is not good at all. The study discussed below shows that Americans may be consuming too many vitamin D supplements.

Vets with Traumatic Brain Injuries Get Severe Headaches


Date: October 15th, 2017


Is there are a relationship between severe headaches and serious brain injuries? Most definitely there is as has been indicated by many studies. The particular study that we are discussing here showed that US veterans who have had traumatic brain injuries are likely to get severe headaches more than those who haven’t suffered such injuries.

Patients complain opioid crackdown is harming them


Date: October 13th, 2017

Opioid crackdown means no or fewer painkillers for chronic pain patients.  Chronic pain sufferers want to be heard. The debate is all about addictions, overdoses and so many other shenanigans, but no one is worried about the chronic pain patients. They want to be heard, to be listened to.

Anti-Addiction Drugs Don’t Get To Young Opioid Abusers


Date: October 11th, 2017

It I very serious that the most affected people in the world do not get the drugs intended to help them. Where do these drugs go then? What happens to them? A study shows that in every four teens and young adults abusing opioid, only one is taking medication. Why is this? It is because there is no initiative to get the drugs to the people who need most.

The downside of engaging in intense exercise


Date: October 9th, 2017

Many people do not know intense exercise could lead to gut damage. They think that it is something that is common when exercising. However, the aches the discomfort never goes and so the persistence causes people to go to the hospital. But even that may not give you a solution. Just know that intense exercise can harm your bowels. You need to know when to stop. You need to know when enough is enough and stop it for the benefit of your health. But has this been proven scientifically? Yes it has. Below is a sneak peek into one study.

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