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Archive for December, 2012

Moderate Exercise Can Fight ADHD


Date: December 29th, 2012

Exercise Is An Amazing Remedy For Children With ADHDAerobic exercise is a routine that any person can undertake and according to Mathew B. Pontifex and the examination he and his colleagues carried out, when a single bout of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, where their objective measures included attention, academic performance and brain neurophysiology respectively, the exercise which involved 20 children all of which were ADHD positive and aged between the ages of eight and ten years. The results from the exercise marked a beginning of a new era of the victims as those with ADHD and took time to make aerobic exercise part of their daily routine, were able to portray positive results.

The research exercise

The results that from the research not only proved on the positive impact of a bout of moderate intense aerobic exercise to the described victims, but it was also concluded that the target patients had also a greater response on accuracy and stimulus. ADHD is a condition that not only affects alertness of children, but also a medical situation that if not treated in advance, could prove malignant.  There were two tested incidents of ADHD and the approaches of moderate aerobic exercises to provide comprehensive results. Two similar durations of seats and reading after the exercise and those who did not take part in the procedure of the exercise showed that those tested on the account of the exercise had a higher chance of maintaining fluency in their reading experience.

British Star Teaches CPR


Date: December 27th, 2012

Vinnie Jones, action star, takes on Cardiac Arrest with Hands-only CPR LessonIf you have ever witnessed somebody having a cardiac arrest, then you’ve probably witnessed even more people gathered around such as person with no clue of what to do except ask if there is a doctor close by. What most people don’t seem to realize is that sometimes they can be just as effective as the doctor. There will not always be a medical professional close by when somebody has a cardiac arrest. In case only one person knows CPR then this could be the difference between life and death for the one who’s having the cardiac arrest. This one person could be you.

Creepy zombies teach CPR in halloween


Date: December 25th, 2012

CPR as taught by Creepy ZombiesCPR might just be one of the most underrated medical procedures. Knowledge of CPR may mean the difference between life and death, but most people don’t seem to realize this. In a country such as the United States alone, there are 383,000 cases of cardiac arrest that occur suddenly outside the hospital.