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Archive for April, 2021

Eleven Ways to Boost Mental Health & Wellbeing amid Coronavirus


Date: April 30th, 2021

What’s the State of Mental Health during COVID-19

How’s your overall mental health during COVID-19? Several Studies show an increase in stress and anxiety levels since the pandemic caught fire.

Worry continues as the virus claims more lives and the economy dips in what scientists describe as a second wave.

Remember, a majority of nations worldwide weren’t ready for such a pandemic. This lack of preparedness caused a strain in health care, the economy, and for the average citizen, much uncertainty about the future.

As a result, most people  shifted focus to COVID-19 and may not notice crucial mental health effects. If such cases worsen, victim’s suffer psychiatric problems like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among health care personnel. Many other issues could arise within the context of the general community.

Researchers have sought to reveal the impact COVID-19 on physical and mental health. Studies show a significant increase in mental illness risks during Corona compared to pre-pandemic.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Up-to-date Info on the Available Options and Roll-out Plans


Date: April 25th, 2021

The Race to Get COVID Vaccine.

As the globe continues to combat the novel COVID-19, the development of three viable vaccines is a promising beam light at the end of the tunnel.

Although the official roll-out hasn’t started, there’s a looming scramble as nations seek to get COVID vaccine and rid themselves of this pandemic.

First, we have the Oxford vaccine that involves several partners, including AstraZeneca. With an efficiency rate of up to 70.4%, recent final-stage trial data indicate that this vaccine can effectively protect the population from COVID-19 infection.

Oxford vaccine developers have recently stated plans to apply for safety approval from regulatory bodies to begin mass-producing their vaccine. Plus, AstraZeneca is trying to get permission from the WHO to list its vaccine under the Emergency Use category.

How to Prevent Falling & Related Injuries When Working at Height


Date: April 20th, 2021

Tips for Working at Heights: Prevent Accidents & Deaths at Work

Working at heights involves climbing things and operating above the ground; which increases the probability of falling and getting injuries.

Examples of such locations include roof edges, on ladders, dock loading, floor openings, and more.

Carelessness and small mistakes are the primary causes of deaths and injuries for most people who work at height, and a bone of contention for OSHA and other safety agencies worldwide.

In 2015, almost 40% of mortalities in the construction sector were due to falls, and most of them were avoidable. Studies also indicate that most people usually hurt themselves or die of falls from raised places.

Still, it is possible to prevent such injuries in workplaces by imparting stringent safety tips for working at heights?

As an employer, it’s crucial to provide your employees with relevant training and resources to prevent any harm related to heights.

This article will expound on the different ways to ensure safety when working in higher places.

Choosing the Right Scrubs for Your Nurses and How to Source Extra Money for PPE


Date: April 10th, 2021

Buying Scrubs for Nurses & How to Use Medical Factoring to Acquire PPE Money

For nurses, donning the right dress code in the workplace is a no brainer. Scrubs for nurses are a staple uniform in most pediatric rehabs and healthcare facilities. But employers must discuss and agree with their employees on the accepted workplace attire.

You must often choose a specific style, pattern, color, style, or manufacturer that fits your company’s needs.

Employer-employee discussions ensure you get the right fit for everyone in terms of size and preferences. For instance, it’s unfair to insist on long-sleeved scrubs when others may prefer short-sleeved designs for logical reasons like excess heat.