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Archive for August, 2016

The Association between Fried Food and Heart Failure


Date: August 31st, 2016

Fried Foods and the Damage they might cause

Fried foods may increase a person’s chances of heart failure by as much as 689% when the food is consumed more than seven times a week. That means that eating fried foods at least one time each day more than double your risks of heart failure.

Eating fried foods as few as three times a week has been shown to increase the risk of heart failure by as much as 18%. When people keep their fried food consumption to a minimum of four to six times a week, they raise their chances of heart failure by 25%.

Study Linking Coffee to Lower Risk for Heart Attack


Date: August 30th, 2016

The study was conducted on people of all ages, all genders, and all different chronic conditions. People who drink three to five cups of coffee each day showed a decreased amount of calcium build-up in their arteries, which gave them lower chances of developing hardening of the arteries, and having heart attacks.
The study was performed on South Koreans, but the researchers see no reason why the results could not be applied to everyone else around the world. The participants drank both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, and the results did not change between the two coffee types.

What can we learn from the Measles Outbreak of 2015?


Date: August 29th, 2016

Measles make a Comeback

In December of 2014, people at Disneyland did not know that they were being exposed to the measles, or to rubeola. Within a couple of weeks the people who were at the Disney California Adventure, and were not vaccinated for the measles, were starting to break out with the tell-tale red rash that we all recognize as being a symptom of the airborne illness.
From the first of January until the end of February, more than one hundred and seventy confirmed cases of the measles were reported to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. People from more than seventeen states were at the Disney Park that day and they carried back the serious illness when they traveled backing home.

Diabetes care in Patients with Chronic Conditions


Date: August 28th, 2016

In 2014 a study of more than twenty thousand of the twenty one million people in America that have been diagnosed with diabetes to see what effects other chronic health conditions had on the treatment, and care of the patient’s diabetes.

Distraction from Diabetes Monitoring and Control

Many patients who develop other chronic conditions along with their diabetes get distracted by the care they need for the other conditions, and they do not pay adequate attention to their diabetes. People seem to start accepting diabetes and forget that when they let their blood sugar levels get out of control, they cause their diabetes to become worse, and to damage organs, and create new chronic conditions such as loss of eyesight, kidney failure, weight gain, and amputated limbs.

10 Things You Need to Know about Weight Loss Surgery


Date: August 27th, 2016

Depression after Weight Loss Surgery

Depression is something that every obese person has had to deal with in some form. What many people do not realize is that after they have weight loss surgery they may still have to battle depression.