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Archive for August, 2020

How Hotels Can Protect Their Staff from Blood Borne Diseases and Pathogens


Date: August 1st, 2020

Protecting Housekeepers fromHotel Bloodborne Pathogens

Hotel staff meet various risks within the workplace, among them are security, ethical, and health issues. All of these factors affect how they conduct their work. Health issues are a major concern since the staff cannot work well under poor medical conditions.

Hotel bloodborne pathogens are a primary worry when it comes to health issues at work. It is estimated that BPPs are the second leading health risk in the hospitality sectorafter airborne pathogens.

Bloodborne ailments are diseases that spread when a person comes into contact with infected blood or other body fluids. Such pathogens are mostly viruses, such as the hepatitis complexes. Hotel staff suffer exposure to bloodborne pathogens when they encounter infected blood and body fluids because of the nature of their job.

Hotel welfare associations are raising the alarm over the rise of infections among hotel staff that involve blood and other body fluids. Modern hotels have control and action plans that aim at preventing and reducing the exposure of workers to blood pathogens.