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Archive for February, 2013

Use Of Energy Drinks


Date: February 25th, 2013

The popularity of energy drinks has led to increased cult following and quite a number of Americans are finding it difficult to take a whole day without a caffeinated beverage, but according to a report published by the federal health officials, excessive consumption of these drinks has also increased the number of emergency visits to the hospital.

Reduce Spread Of Flu


Date: February 24th, 2013

Flu Epidemic Now Contained By Maximizing On Internet And Telephone ServicesPatients who get affected by weather changes have potential chances to contain the flu virus by simply using web service to achieve positive results. Teladoc is internet and telephone-based service in Israel whose objective is to link people to primary care doctors. The method does not differ very much with the traditional house calls where the doctor would schedule a visit to the patient once informed of the problems that may have succumbed.

Heart Disease Prevention


Date: February 23rd, 2013

UW-Madison Researchers Say That Multi-Drug Pill Could Reduce Cardiovascular Risks At Affordable CostsJust recently, a publication highlighted that a pill that combines several compositions of drugs had higher chances of reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases at presumably affordable costs that every individual would be comfortable with. UW-Madison school of medicine and public health conducted a research study which has been published in the January issue of Health Affairs. This was confirmed in a recent news release by UW.

Kidney and Heart Diseases


Date: February 22nd, 2013

Bisphenol A In Consumer Products Has Recently Been Associated With Kidney Damage In ChildrenBisphenol A is a plastic chemical that is mostly present in consumer products especially food cans where it is widely used as internal aluminum coverage. The negative role of BPA in the body is that it tends to disrupt the normal metabolic activities.

High BPA Could Damage Heart


Date: February 21st, 2013

Increased Concentrations Of The Plastic Chemicals Showcased Rise In Kidney Problems TooThe bisphenol A also known as BPA is present in most consumer products such in food cans where it’s used as an internal aluminum covering. According to the recent findings, it’s been noted that BPA has a tendency of disrupting human metabolism.