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Archive for June, 2016

Forxiga Metformin Mixture Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes


Date: June 30th, 2016

Getting to know Metformin

The mixture treatment of Forxiga & metformin may lessen the glucose level in the blood, will boost weight loss and can help in lowering down blood pressure among people with type 2 diabetes. Forxiga on the other hand is an SGLT2 inhibitor that makes the blood glucose level lower, while metformin aids the diabetic patients to respond even better to the insulin they made. Foxiga was approved by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence has permitted its use with metformin among adults in England and in Wales who cannot handle the suphonylureas.

Hospital Medicines Are Much Better than Prescription Pills


Date: June 29th, 2016

Facts about prescription drugs

Kids who left the hospital with medicines after being treated for asthma did better than those who were given prescription to sustain the need of their health, according to the current researcher. The researchers at Boston Medical Center have discovered lesser kids coming back to the ER for added treatment a month after being given medicines.  The doctors of the hospitals had known that more than 1/3 of the prescription drugs given to kids were not completed in the right manner oftentimes that leads them to go back to the ER for further treatment, so they tend to spend more money and time as well.

Why Brain Cancers Are Hitting Teens and Adults?


Date: June 28th, 2016

Overview about brain cancers

Brain cancers are the most typical type of cancer that causes mortality among teens and adults; however the kind of cancers that hit may differ as people age according to a report.  For these people who are still starting to finish school, pushing through with their careers and goals in life, trying to raise a family, having a brain tumor is truly painful and troublesome.  The report allows people for the very first time to nil nothing on the kinds of tumors happening at an interval of 25 years’ time, to help aid the research investments and methods to live with a brain tumor that show the needs of the patients.

Why CFS is harming new aged Youth?


Date: June 27th, 2016

Study funds chronic fatigue syndrome among kids. According to the research, the kids missed out some of the lessons in school weekly, because they always go home after ½ of the day.

Understanding CFS according to experts

The CFS or Chronic fatigue syndrome is better known as the myalgic encephalomyelitis, this is for a condition that is categorized by a severe type of tiredness that shows no development even with bed rest and which may be aggravated by a physical or a mental effort. In America, anyone is being diagnosed with CFS for the past 6 months, but that is not because of any other condition associated with fatigue.

Kids and Teens Death can still be prevented


Date: June 26th, 2016

The rates of death among kids and teens

The very big difference in disease rates from one country to another is quite a good indication that is still probable to get better results. This is according to Vos of the Institute of Health Metrics at a University in Washington, Seattle. He also happened to be one of the authors of the new research conducted.  However, this may need a mixture of some factors, he added. That includes higher maternal education because educated moms are more likely to bring their kids to the doctor to get a regular vaccination for instance. Better results may also bring not just preventive measures, but also for better managing the ailments and so the survival rate of the kids will be higher, he added.

The Geriatricians in taking care of seniors


Date: June 25th, 2016

The story of a senior struggling

In Portland, there is a woman named Ruth Miles, she is 83 years of age and she stayed in the wheelchair most of her life. One day she seemed to hold a bottle of mineral water and she seemed terrified & painful. She was actually submitted to the assessment of Dr. Eckstrom, who checked on her that she was so near to her doctor.  Ms. Miles had a broken pelvis after she has tripped on an electronic string in her home, she narrated to the doctor.

Nonprescription Pain Relievers


Date: June 24th, 2016

A lot of people who suffer from pain, neglect the use of dosing instructions in an over the counter pain medicines and then they put themselves at risk for the overdose. This is in accordance with the new survey.  If someone suffers from a medical overdose, it may result in a serious adverse effect like stomach bleeding, liver damage, ulcers or even death. This is according to the Gastroenterological Associaton of America.  The AGA commissioned poll of around 1,000 American adults ages 30 and above. More than 251 gastroenterologists have discovered that 43% of those who suffers from severe pain said that they have taken more than the required dose of the OTC pain relievers at some point in their lives.

Hypoglycemia Linked to Type 2 Diabetes and Coronary Artery calcium


Date: June 23rd, 2016

The research made about hypoglycemia

Those with severe hypoglycemia cured using the normal therapy for blood glucose control is linked with the development of coronary artery calcium. This is the rise of the danger of a heart attack, according to the new research. There is a small study made by the Phoenix VA Health Care System in the US that aims to know if the association between severe hypoglycemia & the development of atherosclerosis do exist. Atherosclerosis, by the way, is the disease wherein the arteries of the heart become clogged up with fatty contents.  Through a sub-study of the Veterans Affairs Diabetes Tests, the glycemic control of more than 197 subjects with type 2 diabetes was checked to know if it has something to do with severe hypoglycemia & CAC as well.  Those with higher measurements of the CAC have the possibility to develop atherosclerosis, which means that they also have the possibility to suffer from stroke or heart attack.

Will a Computer Based Test Helpful In Determining the Risk of Dementia?


Date: June 22nd, 2016

The help that the computer based app can provide

There was a new computer based test that may also be able to determine the risk of the person to have dementia in the future, through simple analyzation information the family physicians during the routine visits to the doctor, this is according to a new study suggested by a Britain doctor. The researchers coming from a university in London have developed an algorithm that uses the medical data to know the 5 year danger of having dementia, this is according to a report made in January of this year and it was posted in the journal of the Bio Med Central.  The algorithm actually assesses some of the factors such as the age, the social interaction, BMI, smoking, sex and others according to the study. They have also included some factors like hypertension, stroke, diabetes, irregular heartbeat, aspirin and other. 

The CDC Warns Moms about Cronobacter in Milk Formula


Date: June 21st, 2016

What is Cronobacter?

In a fresh warning this week, the government has discussed the Cronobacter contamination that the CDC reminded the person is often found in the powdered milk formulas, to a lower degree herbal teas, powdered milk and even starches. It was formerly known as the Enterobacter sakazakii, it is kind of germ that can be found in the environment that may survive in very dry places. The pathogen may also be risky for babies according to the report. The babies who are fed with a contaminated milk formula made from powders must be taken to the doctor right away if they have developed the signs of the infection. The Cronobacter has been found in different dry foods like the formulas, powdered milk, startches and teas. It has also been seen in some sewer system and that might be found in other places as well in accordance with the report of the CDC.