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Archive for June, 2022

Crucial Considerations When Responding to Emergencies


Date: June 16th, 2022

Crucial Considerations When Responding to Emergencies
When a disaster hits, people need to know what to do. Waiting for instructions slows down the situation and puts more people at risk. As you get more serious about disaster preparedness, list out the following steps on paper for reference when responding to emergencies.
While there’s no way to predict when an emergency will occur, there are ways to prepare for it. Whether you’re a building owner or manager or an employee working on-site, knowing what to do in the face of sudden disaster goes a long way toward minimizing damage or harm and protecting your assets.

Why You Should Pair Your Iron with Vitamin C


Date: June 12th, 2022

Iron and Vitamin C: Why You Should Pair the Two Nutrients
Iron is an essential mineral nutrient and a key player in both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is mainly acquired through diet because the human body cannot synthesize it.
Vitamin C is also an essential element that plays a crucial role in multiple physiological functions.
Some nutrients work perfectly together, while others inhibit each other’s functionality. So, are iron and vitamin C, a dynamic duo or parallel nutrients?

Administering Healthcare in a Digital Environment: Using Tech to Improve the Patient Experience


Date: June 8th, 2022

Health Trends Post COVID: A Spotlight on Telemedicine
Access to products and services including healthcare services reduced when coronavirus hit the globe. The count and frequency of patients visiting healthcare facilities went down due to the far-reaching effects of the virus, particularly in public health facilities.
It’s normally hectic, time-consuming, and expensive to visit primary specialists and healthcare facilities in the US. These obstacles can cause inconveniences to ill patients trying to access or get assistance from healthcare providers.

Blood borne Pathogen Safety Considerations for Hospitality Workers


Date: June 4th, 2022

Tips to Avoid Hotel Blood borne Pathogens
Hotel workers meet various risks within the workplace. Beyond security and ethics are health issues. All of these factors affect workers and how they run their everyday operations.
Hotel blood borne pathogens are a primary concern when it comes to occupational wellness. It is estimated that blood borne pathogens are the second leading health risk in the hospitality sector after airborne pathogens.