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Archive for January, 2016

How Music Affects the Heart


Date: January 31st, 2016

Doctor Bunch recently wrote a review article that was published in the European Heart Journal that describes the ways that music can help in both the prevention of, and the treatment of, heart conditions.

Stimulation and Relaxation of the Heart

Two nervous systems control the stimulation and the relaxation of the heart muscle.

  • The sympathetic nervous system is adrenalin mediated. This nervous system is responsible for increasing our heart rate and for the squeezing the heart does.
  • The parasympathetic nervous system is what is responsible for slowing the rhythm of the heart down so that it can rest, or relax.

BLS Certification Is Important for Business Organizations


Date: January 30th, 2016

To grow a business, it is right potential need massive diligent work and duty to meet due dates before time. Taking care of weights, gatherings, meetings, measurements, overall revenues, expense issues, market investigation, and so on, encompasses the specialists unfailingly. Every single such issue causes different wellbeing issues, and one of the wellbeing issues is the heart failure. Businessmen and office workers are the most conspicuous casualty of the capture because of substantial weight and work weight and having an employee with BLS Certification can help save lives.

The heart failure rate

Compulsory wellness activities and legitimate eating routine do help in keeping the heart failure rate low however, can’t be stayed away from totally. The better route is to decide on the answer to battle issues instead of maintaining a strategic distance from the issue.

Blood Pressure Drugs and Type II Diabetes


Date: January 29th, 2016

A group of Spanish researchers discovered that when people took their blood pressure medications at night rather than in the morning, they were cutting their risk of developing type II diabetes by as much as half.

The link between high blood pressure and type II diabetes

A large portion of the people who have high blood pressure suffer from a condition where their blood pressure does not lower during the night when they are at rest like people with normal blood pressures do. The doctors and researchers refer to this as “non-dipping” blood pressures.

Possible Drug to Treat “Superbugs


Date: January 28th, 2016

What is a “Superbug”?

The term superbug is applied to deadly infections that are antibiotic resistant. When patients seek medical attention for the symptoms of one of these deadly infections, the doctors are at a loss as to how to treat them. Doctor’s end up treating the symptoms, but have difficult times killing out the infection that is creating the complications.

What “Superbug” is Ebselen able to control?

The research study shows that when mice who were infected with C. difficile, a deadly intestinal infection, were given Ebselen that there was major improvement in their conditions.

The Role Sleep Apnea Plays in Depression


Date: January 27th, 2016

New research studies have concluded that people who suffer from a condition of sleep apnea has a greater risk of being depressed. The use of a CPAP to apply positive pressure on their airway can reduce the effects of the depression.

What is Sleep Apnea?

When a person has difficulties breathing when they are sleeping, or when a person has short periods where they stop breathing while they are asleep, doctors say they have sleep apnea.

Increased Risk for Testicular cancer


Date: January 26th, 2016

A new study conducted by the Institute of Cancer research reveals that fifty percent of the risk of developing testicular cancer is caused by the genes in our DNA make-up. People who have a family history of testicular cancer stand a much greater risk of developing the disease than people with no family history of the disease.

The Study of Testicular Cancer Risks

For the purpose of the study, the researchers considered the risks associated with testiculare germ cell tumors. The germ cell tumors account for the majority of testicular cancer cases.

Diet Soda may not Increase Weight Loss


Date: January 25th, 2016

When we want to lose weight, we know that we have to reduce the number of calories we consume to meet our reduction goals. Most people switch from regular soda to diet soda in order to make some of these caloric reductions. Recent research studies indicate that switching to diet soda may not provide the weight loss that you desire.

Why Diet Soda might Slow Weight Loss

Researchers studied the habits of people who drank diet soda instead of regular soda. A large number of people who switched to diet soda developed a habit of eating higher calorie foods than they ate when they were drinking regular soda. Researchers believe that people started to consume the higher calorie, higher fat foods, because they felt confident that by drinking the lower calorie soda they could eat the foods and still lose weight.

Treating Premenstrual Symptoms with Antidepressants


Date: January 24th, 2016

Premenstrual syndrome is a term used to describe the combination of symptoms that women suffer just prior to their monthly cycles. Premenstrual syndrome usually includes a combination of physical and emotional characteristics that affect the women each month.

The most common premenstrual syndrome symptom is irritability. The women generally begin to feel irritable after they have completed ovulation, and the feeling is usually eased by the onset of her cycle flow.

Common Premenstrual Symptoms

The most common premenstrual symptoms are:

  • Acne appetite changes and cravings for certain foods
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating

BLS Certification will make you a Highly Qualified Rescue Team Member


Date: January 23rd, 2016

What is the most valuable and profitable thing in this world? A large number of individuals will concur that “life” is the most valuable and profitable to every single living being on the planet. Minding, adoring, and securing living creatures are taken consideration by different companies and lifesaving foundations. The powers and the known foundations give different sorts of help by ordering human, plants, creatures, and flying creature species. But humans are different; they need different methods and techniques during an emergency situation to be able to live. Medical first aid is important, but this is not a guarantee to save life, so many rescue missions require BLS Certification to those applying as a rescuer or a team member.

When to Worry about a Skin Rash


Date: January 22nd, 2016

What is Skin Rashes

A skin rash is a symptom, or the result of another condition. A rash is an inflamed area of skin that is generally discolored, and may have other identifying characteristics like blisters, dry patches, or scales. These patches of inflamed skin often itch, and they are sometimes painful when touched.

The Most Common causes of Skin Rashes

People experience many different skin rashes throughout their lives. Some of the most common causes of skin rashes are:

  • Eczema
  • Poison ivy
  • Poison oak
  • Hives
  • Heat rash