The report indicating the continues child obesity

The current reports say that the child obesity is starting to progress in some of the cities in the US, that is for the young children who are still in the preschool age. However, for the whole populace of the kids’ ages 2-19 years old, the occurrence of overweight as well as obesity is continuing to rise since 1999. This is what a researcher worries about. She is an associated professor of medicine at the Duke University; her associates were able to discover that the analysis about the obesity rate of the national surveys is true for the past fifteen years. Since the year 1999, the rates of the overweight and obese individuals can be measured through the BMI from the height of the kids and their weight as well that continually rise. In the current survey made from 2013-2014, over 33% of the kids were heavy, while 26% of them were also obese.

Child obesity is not yet controlled

The incidence of overweight as well as obesity rises year after year since 1999 until 2014. For the overweight, it ballooned to 28% last 1999 to around 33% and for the least severe kind of obesity from 14% to 17%. What is more alarming being that the trend has become worse among the number of people who are obese, the kids with a BMI that is more than forty for their age group is what makes the authorities more concern about the case? The prominence of this kind of obesity rises from 0.0% in 1999 to around 2 % in 2014.  The rise comes along even if the government is pushing through with the public awareness program about the health and the risks of having a lot of weight more than what is ideal. In the past years, the public policies have been placed in its place to lessen the risk factors for those who are obese, like getting rid of the Trans fats from some foods and in improving of the school lunch.

What this indicates is that for the kids with severe obesity case, they are not being helped by some interference, according to Skinner. In selecting some small things and in doing them, that is not just enough for the kids with obesity problem. What is more important is that, the link between the doctors in the health care system as well as with the communities is important according to the experts. It is because the environment of the child will be more suited for them to live healthier. For instance, a health insurance firm must pay for a visit to the doctor for the treatment of diabetes, which is a result of obesity; however, it will not pay for the membership to the local Y where the kids can get the exercise and the activities to keep their weight normal and in a controlled manner. What the data has to show is that the obesity mandates the thinking of every level, thus the thinking will be through the whole populace.