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Online BLS CPR Recertification

Learn basic life support and emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques for adults, children and infants during the online BLS CPR course. With BLS online renewal, you'll review how to properly use an AED, chest compression to ventilation ratio, the heimlich maneuver, and more. Try our free BLS recertification course today.

Online CPR Recertification for Healthcare Providers

Designed specifically for healthcare providers, our course teaches you the skills you need for employment and workplace requirements. During the recertification course you can refresh your skills and learn new techniques that may have been updated since your last training. Renew your CPR for Healthcare Providers certification by clicking below.

Online First Aid Recertification

Brush up on your knowledge of first aid procedures and learn proper medical response techniques for a wide range of injuries and illnesses. The recertification course covers everything you need to know in order to treat or provide assistance to someone until professional medical help arrives. Your first aid CPR renewal is available to purchase once you’ve completed the coursework and passed the exam.

Online Bloodborne Pathogens Recertification

Our bloodborne pathogens training teaches you how to safely handle blood and other bodily fluids to reduce and prevent the risk of infection from life-threatening diseases. During the course you’ll get a recap on the proper techniques in handling blood and using personal protective equipment to further protect against infectious bloodborne pathogens. Upon completing the bloodborne pathogens renewal training and passing the exam, you can then purchase your recertification.

Online Adult CPR Recertification

Learn the proper CPR steps for adults and how to react quickly and effectively during a cardiac emergency. The Adult CPR renewal course also provides a review on the basic anatomy of the heart and how cardiopulmonary resuscitation works to sustain life until emergency responders arrive. Get your recertification after you’ve taken the course and passed the exam.

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Online CPR Recertification and CPR renewal—print your certification or get by mail

Taking the time to get your CPR certification renewal will ensure you have the skills to save a life. With our free courses it is incredibly easy to complete on your own time. To become recertified for employment requirements, or simply for your own benefit, our online CPR and first aid recertification course is an affordable and effective option for brushing up on your knowledge, and can be done so all at your own pace.

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We make online CPR renewal easy!

In the medical field you must continuously maintain, and improve your skills to develop your understanding of various life-saving procedures. Obtaining your certification every two years ensures you have up-to-date techniques for first aid, emergency care, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of renewing online is simply to keep it fresh in your memory. Certificates are valid for two years, and the bloodborne pathogen recertification is good for one year. However, while CPR is an invaluable skill to learn, you likely won’t use it often if you’re not a medical professional. As such, you’ll likely forget critical steps in the process if you’re not regularly performing the procedure. For example, the most commonly forgotten procedures includ:

  • Checking for safety (and breaths) prior to activating the emergency response system
    • Always evaluate the scene to ensure you’re in a safe environment prior to assisting the victim. The last thing you need to happen in a life-threatening emergency is to become injured or incapacitated yourself. Situations such as car accidents, or even aggressive bystanders can result in even worse outcomes than the immediate situation at hand.
    • Being able to recognize how a victim is breathing is crucial to your next steps. Recognizing cardiac arrest, and checking for absence of breaths, or abnormal breathing needs to be performed prior to activating the emergency response system.
  • Early administration
    • a. If you’re a bystander administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, you need to focus on performing the procedure. This is a critical step. Ensure you’re instructing others around to call for help and retrieve an AED while you’re performing chest compressions and breaths.
  • Depth and ratio of chest compressions
    • Knowing the depth and ratio of chest compressions to breaths is essential. Our online courses will refresh your memory and give you a review of the correct procedures for adults, children, and infants, as well as the difference with 1 and 2 rescuers.

Reviewing cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills on a regular basis will keep the steps fresh in your mind when you need it most. It is particularly important to ensure you commit the above steps to memory. The courses are designed by medical professionals in a simple, concise format to ensure you receive proper training.

Do not let scheduling prevent recertification

Acquiring your certificate can be difficult when balancing your family, career, and personal life. How do you find the time to attend a traditional classroom setting? What if you only need to relearn the number of chest compressions per minute? With our CPR recertification courses you will quickly learn what you need to know. That is why we offer flexibility in completing the courses, and cover everything from basic first aid to cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Every one of our in-home learning opportunities offers the best information available. The courses are designed with in-depth, focused material to ensure you have an outstanding cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid experience. You can spend as much, or as little time needed. If you are a seasoned cardiopulmonary resuscitation professional with little time to spend in a classroom setting, you can skip the course and go straight to the exam. If you haven’t reviewed the technique in years, you can take as much time as you need studying our material and taking the exam. We offer the best of both worlds with our CPR recertification online courses.

Getting recertified online during COVID-19

The global pandemic has caused a major shift in how we interact with others. As a result, CPR and first aid techniques and protocols, too, have changed in ways to provide additional steps and preventative measures to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.

The American Academy courses provide updated resuscitation methods to help you renew your certification while also reducing the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.

Don’t let your certification expire!

It’s important to know when your certification expiration is coming due. These are important qualifications to have when you want to move forward in your career. If your certification is more than 30 days expired, we highly suggest reviewing the full course to earn your CPR renewal. Don’t wait until it’s too late!. Our free courses will help you learn the newest methods and instill confidence that you’re performing the proper techniques when an emergency arises.

How long are CPR and first aid recertification courses?

Our free courses are expertly designed to provide fast, affordable, and effective training. You may use as much or as little time as needed, however, each course is designed to be completed within 60-90 minutes.

Mission and Vision

Vision: Enable anybody to become recertified in CPR and first aid to react effectively in the event of cardiac arrest, illness, or injury.

Mission: To provide continuous education and promote public safety and wellness through free online CPR and first aid recertification courses.Acquiring your recertification can be difficult when balancing your family, career, and personal life. How do you find the time to attend a traditional classroom setting? What if you only need to relearn the number of chest compressions per minute? With our CPR recertification courses you will quickly learn what you need to know. That is why we offer flexibility

Register today!

American Academy makes it easy to sign up for online courses. We truly believe in the value of ensuring you know the proper steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid, and the best way to learn is by repetition. We offer group discounts, or you can begin taking a course in the comfort of your home, or anywhere you have access to the internet from a desktop or mobile device.

Improve your cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid skills, and be the one who can save a life when the need arises. Click below to renew your certification online today!

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All certificates are authorized and signed by licensed physicians.

The American Academy of CPR and First Aid course content is created by U.S. board certified physicians.

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