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The American Academy of CPR and First Aid is accredited by Postgraduate Institute for Medicine who is jointly accredited by the

Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education® (ACCME) to provide continuing education for the healthcare team.        

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Government Agency CPR Training and Certification Online

Government agencies make the country a better place. Such agencies can also make the U.S. a healthier place by participating in free online CPR courses.

The employees of many U.S. government agencies, including police departments, fire departments, and paramedics, are required to be actively certified in CPR and other emergency medical skills. Many agencies do not fall under these requirements. However, members of government agencies across the board can benefit from the lifesaving knowledge taught in CPR courses.

Online CPR courses that help save lives

American Academy of CPR & First Aid, Inc. offers free online courses that teach basic lifesaving skills. These skills can make the difference between life and death, both in the office and at home. Government agencies can benefit tremendously from online CPR courses. Be prepared for a medical emergency in the workplace or at home.

Learn the necessary steps and maneuvers for keeping a person alive after a cardiac attack. Any agency team can learn to assess a situation, contact 911, and perform CPR until emergency medical workers take over.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), about 70% of Americans would feel helpless and unable to assist during a cardiac medical emergency. This means that many people who suffer cardiac attacks cannot be helped by CPR. If the general population was trained to respond, the AHA believes that countless deaths from heart attacks could be prevented.

Easy and affordable CPR certification for government figures

American Academy makes it easy to set up free online training for an entire government agency. Offer free training that take less than a few hours to complete. Following the free online coursework and testing, American Academy of CPR & First Aid, Inc. offers immediately downloadable CPR certificates for a low fee. This CPR certification will last for two years and can be shared with an employer if they require such training.

Beyond CPR training, American Academy also offers free online courses covering a wide range of emergency medical knowledge. Agency staff can learn about basic life support, bloodborne pathogens, infant and child CPR, and first aid training. This knowledge assures better preparation for emergencies.

The AHA reports that 88% of cardiac events occur in the home. Trained staff will be able to save their own loved ones. Give the gift of life by taking free online CPR training!

For additional information on any of the courses offered to government agencies, simply complete the contact form below, and American Academy will respond shortly.