Food ban is not beneficial

In most cases, the food banks are implemented as a way of improving healthy living through healthy lifestyles. However, this is not among the successful processes in different ways. Studies have shown that this process is resulting to too much risk to the individuals and the environment despite the plans for better living.

Levels of health issues

The bans involve eradication of the unintended food products such as the recent ban of the Trans fats. The fats result to high levels of health issues as such as contributing to high chances of heart diseases and obesity among other. However, this process is not successful despite the legislation measures for the control of the fats because the manufacturers are using these opportunity to replace the fats with other types of oils. The oils are highly saturated, as the manufacturers are less concerned with the health issues but more concerned with the benefits and profits from their products. For this reason, therefore, consumers are left with a low chance of healthy living as the products they purchase contain even more harmful ingredient than the banned products. In addition, the beverages bans are also not an exception. Manufacturers are also on the same trend as they use different ingredients that is also life threatening. As a result, the main reason and problem of the ban is not solved in any way. The ban does not increase healthy life nut rather promote irresponsible living.

Development of better food ban policies

It has always been the role of every individual to help in solving these problems. The government may take up the role and responsibility, but they do not ensure beneficial implementation process. The problem ought to be addressed more seriously by ensuring that companies and manufacturers use healthy ingredients and thus avoid replacement of the banned products with different unhealthy alternatives. It may make sense to ban certain unhealthy foods, but a lot need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the whole process beneficial.

On a different note, public awareness about healthy living through proper nutrition is crucial. It may be essential to ban the food products but still the consumers go for unhealthy alternatives. Therefore, the ban of certain products involves different approaches for its successful implementation. The public, which is highly aware of the healthy benefits of certain products and the demerits of certain products or alternatives can also, help in the control of unhealthy living. For example, a recent study on the ban of fast food eateries in south Los Angeles shows that waistlines grew faster in areas where the legislation was undertaken. This is because, the public result to alternatives, which are more harmful than the banned foods. In addition, manufacturers use more saturated unhealthy products that can attract more customers’ demerits are enormous to the consumers.

Banning of food is a step in the right direction, but legislations alone cannot help in the fight against poor nutrition. A lot need to be done to enhance a healthy living.