A new study has warned that pregnant women suffering from kidney diseases not only are their health at risk but even those of their unborn babies.

Researchers from Italy compared the results of expectant women after a study on 504 pregnant women diagnosed with chronic kidney problems and 836 pregnant women free from any kidney problems.

Which are the pregnancy risks?

The investigators of the study, which was published on March 12 in the journal of American Society of Nephrology, reported higher risks of pregnancy problems among those women with kidney problems; whether severe or at an early stage. These problems included among others; premature delivery, mothers developing high blood pressure at any stage of the pregnancy and many cases of women needing neonatal intensive care among women with kidney problems. Pre – eclampsia, a condition that happens in the second half of the pregnancy is believed to cause high blood pressure and protein in the urine is a major pregnancy threat.

Dr. Giorgina Barbara Piccoli of the University of Torino, who is also a co-leader of the study notes that according to the findings of the report, any kidney problem, no matter the level of severity, has significance during pregnancy and urges all patients to undergo a routine follow up.

“Conversely, we also found that a good outcome was possible in patients with advanced (kidney disease), who are often discouraged to pursue pregnancy,” she said.

Need for follow up

She was also positive to note that their findings show possible successful pregnancy and delivery by women with chronic kidney problems. In most cases, these women are discouraged to engage childbearing though it all depends with the women and their partners, who should consult medical practitioners earlier about the possible risks.

Women should pay routine visits to the antenatal clinic for blood pressure measurements and tests for protein in the urine. This helps to detect the occurrence of pre – eclampsia in its early stages and closely monitor them.

The findings of this study are very essential, especially if for pregnant women and looking forward to have babies of their own and have a kidney disease. In USA alone, at least 26 million people have kidney disease, according to the research.