The truth behind abusive military personnel in service

The kids of military personnel in the service suffer from sexual abuse like in the case of Corporal Masa, he befriended a marine personnel in service as well during a training in North Carolina, but little did the marine personnel know that Masa will do something wrong with his step daughter then who is just 3 years old and he even took photos of the child. A marine judge has decided to convict Masa in 2015 for sexual abuse of the child and for the pornographic production. According to the court records and any other documents detailing the case, he must be convicted for the said grounds; even if he pleaded guilty he will still be in prison for thirty years.

The sexual attack of the military dependents has happened lots of times already yearly, this is just according to the data given to the press. There were more than a thousand cases between year 2010 and 2014 according to the records wherein most of freshest of all.  The abuse happened oftentimes by the male enlisted troops and then the family members.  The facts offer better vision of the sexual abuse of the kids committed by the men in the service, the problem of the undetermined number because of the absence of the truth in the legal proceedings in the military.  There were more than a million dependents of the military personnel, some cases show small details, but for a profession that takes pride in honor and in discipline, there is no room for any abusive behavior.

How the government handles the instances

The ages of the suspects and the victims, the place where the incidents occur along with the service branch that gets the report of the sexual abuse were all mislaid. The Department of Defense once said in a statement that the information that may possibly be unintended and originally known to the victims was taken from the release to the eradication of the probable re-occurrence of the innocent victim. It is still not clear to this day about the number of incidents that led to a legal proceeding. The cases showed some occurrences of the child who is sexually abused and was reported to the Family Advcacy Program of the Defense Department, which doesn’t really take note of the judicial proceeding.

There was an investigation that was published in the November issue of the AP investigation about inmates, who are behind bars because of crimes related to sexual abuse among kids.  However, the military justice system abstain the public from discovering what is really happening and the extent of the crimes or how much time the military personnel will spend in jail.  The senators have raised their concern about child abuse cases that primarily focuses on the adult on adult instances. The senators might be underestimating the number of sexual assault cases happening in the military.