The Study on Psoriatic Arthritis

A recent study was done on people who have psoriatic arthritis. The patients were given medication that blocks the effects of TNF-alpha. TNF-alpha is a protein that causes inflammation in and around the joints of people with psoriatic arthritis. The people were also placed on a weight reduction diet.

The Results

The people who lost five percent of their initial body weight showed greater results at controlling the symptoms of their psoriatic arthritis than people who lost less than five percent of their initial body weight.

The individuals who lost ten percent of their initial body weight, or greater than ten percent of their initial body weight had greater success at controlling the symptoms of their arthritis. They reported less inflammation, less pain, and better joint flexibility.

A Link between Obesity and Psoriatic Arthritis is suspected

According to Matthew Husa, MD, who works as a rheumatologist in the division of rheumatology at the Ohio State Medical Center, there is evidence that obesity increases psoriatic arthritis symptoms. The growing evidence points to the fact that obese patients who suffer from psoriatic arthritis have more instances of inflammation than patients who are not obese.

What this means for Psoriatic Arthritis Sufferers

This news could mean a real breakthrough in how psoriatic arthritis sufferers are treated. The doctors may be able to help reduce the amount of inflammation and pain that people with this condition have, without dramatically increasing the amount of pain controlling medications they are taking.

This could mean the prevention of psoriatic arthritis pain for some people. Doctors will be able to evaluate a patient’s weight, and pre-disposition for developing psoriatic arthritis, and then custom design a plan to help their patients avoid developing the disease.

Further research

Further research will be needed before doctors can determine exactly how big a role that obesity and fat cells play in the development of psoriatic arthritis, and the intensity of pain that psoriatic arthritis sufferers have.

It is currently being theorized that fat cells promote the TNF-alpha development, which increases the amount of inflammation the patients have. If this can be proven, then doctors can begin to develop proper weight charts for psoriatic arthritis patients. Once the ideal weight for each patient has been determined the doctors will be able to recommend weight loss methods to their patients.

What can we expect in the future?

We should be seeing researchers delve more deeply into obesity and its link to all types of arthritis. Obesity has become a national disease that is growing like an epidemic. You can expect to hear more about the dangers of obesity, and how to avoid this condition.

Once the treatment for psoriatic arthritis starts to include a weight loss regimen, we are apt to see all arthritis sufferers being told to reduce their weight to certain levels to improve circulation and decrease inflammation.