The rates of death among kids and teens

The very big difference in disease rates from one country to another is quite a good indication that is still probable to get better results. This is according to Vos of the Institute of Health Metrics at a University in Washington, Seattle. He also happened to be one of the authors of the new research conducted.  However, this may need a mixture of some factors, he added. That includes higher maternal education because educated moms are more likely to bring their kids to the doctor to get a regular vaccination for instance. Better results may also bring not just preventive measures, but also for better managing the ailments and so the survival rate of the kids will be higher, he added.

There are some things that mandate the system, a system approach, he once said in an interview through an email. In some of the countries suffering from dysfunctional government as well as health care methodologies, some things you might have known that work and can actually lower the disease that burdens you are not given in a precise amount of quality.  The Researchers for the Global Burden of Disease Study have scrutinized the death as well the details of the injury from more than 188 nations for 3 groups of teens under age 5, age 5-9 and ages 10-19.  As a whole, they have counted more than 7.7M mortality rate across the globe in 2013 alone, while more than 6M of which was in kids less than 5 years old.

The leading causes of death

The primary causes of death were lower respiratory tract infections among young kids and road injuries for older kids and teens.  The lack of iron or anemia also affects more than 619M kids and teens across the globe in 2013 alone and it was the primary cause of living with infirmity. As a whole, the mortality rate from 1990- year 2013 and in some nations is fast declining in just 23 years’ time. The deaths from the primary causes have lessened though sometimes, they still went up from the primary causes or there may be times that there are no movements at all.

In 2013, Nigeria have recorded more than 1/3 of the mortality rate coming from cases of malaria, while in India, they have recorded deaths of 1/3 from neonatal encephalopathy, typically brought by the absence of oxygen during childbirth according to the researcher during the report.  There were nations like Congo, Pakistan and others that have reported instances of death among kids related to diarrhea.  Safe water to drink, clean environment, better hygiene and vaccines can help in solving cases of diarrhea. That may also bring the amount of mortality rate lower in the next years to come.