The link between suicide cases and antidepressant drugs

Antidepressants seem to be riskier for kids and for teens than the reports stated in the medical journals. This is due to the fact that was primarily published from the results taken in some clinical trials. Though they didn’t take note of the suicide as well as aggression cases precisely, there was a new study that stated these things.  Young individuals usually have 2xs the risk of aggression as well as suicide whenever they are taking one of the most typically prescribed antidepressant pills. This is according to the new study published in a journal last January 27.

In the previously published drug trial results, there were masked for those who are at higher risk since they were not precisely reported in terms of the attempts to commit suicides and by not highlighting the incidents related to high aggression, this is according to the study made by an author who happens to also be a researcher with the Nordic Cochrane Center at a University in Denmark.  The new findings showed these risks hopping on the published studies and as alternative collect information from a well informed study reports that were filed with the regulatory bodies of the government as a part of the drug approval method, the author explained.

The effects of antidepressant drugs to youngsters

She also quoted that there is dissimilarity between the published results with the data given to the regulators that lead to the shaking of her faith in the clinical trials that show in the medical journal findings.  She also added that the biggest lesson was not to give your 100% trust to a journal publication; she also insisted that the argument about the drug trial result must be made in public. Everyone must be able to move forward when it comes to the developmental guidance and in terms of conducting a systematic review through the authentic data in an individualized patient approach. The Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America have given their respond to the new research and they highlighted some of their points in accordance with their principles about the clinical drug trial data sharing that took effect in 2014 for all of the members.

They added, though they cannot respond to the particular clinical trials of different firms, their members are very much committed when it comes to data sharing. Some of the anecdotal reports stated that the instances of suicidal behavior as well as aggression among those who are taking 2 kinds of antidepressants like the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors & the serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors according to the authors. There was a warning previously published by the USFDA about the danger of suicide in kids and in teens taking the SSRIs.  The warning just came after the government had a review about some teens who took the pills and the chances of harming themselves were doubled than those who took the inactive placebo pills