The part government plays in the health care sectorThe case was initially presented to the courts by Thomas More Law center, which is a Christian Legal organization. There are many other cases of a similar kind in the different states all waiting for a verdict. The groups of people who are behind such cases are mostly known as Libertarian-types. They constitute of a person who refute the idea of health insurance as a mandatory requirement. They believe that one shouldn’t pay for the services if they don’t want to.

How the government is involved in all of this

A lot of the republicans are taking full advantage of this and endorsing this bandwagon. People then think that the government is starting to play a part in health care while they were involved long before any of this came to light. They have for a considerably large time been involved in heath care affairs through institutions such as Medicaid and Medicare.

This just goes to show that there is nothing as ridiculous as saying that the government is operating using a ‘hand-off’ procedure. The only thing to be pointed out is the areas where government should add some effort which includes increase coverage and access while cutting health care costs at the same time.

The only way that even a fraction of this can be made possible is if people also get involved. It’s true that they already are through the taxes they pay but let’s not kid ourselves that it’s big enough an amount to cater for all that. There needs to be other ways of involvement such as purchasing insurance.

Involving the public to achieve the government’s agenda

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that coverage for the poor who can’t afford to pay hospital bills will be shared and widespread if the financial able people buy insurance. The Libertarians should also be made part of this act despite their thoughts since they constitute the population of this might country. They should see the need to tackle big and major collective problems as a society rather than as individual institutions looking to solve problems of their own. They too will be caught up in their own web and will have to pay for hospital in the long run. They fail to acknowledge the fact that institutions such as Medicare, which is government based, will take them in once the energy they are using so hard to fight deteriorates when they fall sick.

The interesting thing that should be focused on for now is how the other cases in the different states turn out to be. There is the hope that a lot of judges will adhere to the main objective to require people to pay insurance. It’s something that people can overlook in their budget as it’s fast becoming a necessity considering the number of times one has to visit a hospital during their lifetime.