The concept of psychological wellness improvement has further been supported as there is evidence that the same hobby can help lower blood pressure thus restoring the overall well-being of the person. It is possible that musicians have lower blood pressure than none musicians according to this study.

The course of the study and resultant findings

Researchers from Leiden University Medical Center gathered to run various tests on music and the results it may have on cases of blood pressure and other heart related conditions. During the research study 25 musicians and 28 non-musicians were brought together all of which were aged between the ages of 18 to 30 years. The matching was conducted with regards to how much they weighed the level of physical activity as well as alcohol and caffeine consumption the only difference within the musicians was that there were at least three groups which consisted of three guitarists, five singers, six pianists and four flutists. All of those groups of musicians kept practicing for up to 1.8 hours every day.

The research results from the study

From the research, it was evident that the musicians depicted low blood pressure than   the non-musicians. The best explanation on that point was based on the fact that both  groups were young  hence the researchers further identified that blood pressure levels especially during young adulthood were connected with risks of death  such as cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the autonomic nervous system from the musicians played a key role in their well-being on the account that their somatosensory nerve activity was rejuvenated all the times.

While the described study was a publication by the Netherland heart journal, there was another similar study by researchers from the University of London who also seconded the idea depending on their findings in that playing music had a significant role towards improved psychological wellness especially in older adults. The best thing about participants who were used in the study is that they gave it their best shot and continued to provide amazing results. Notice that there were also a sample of old people who were asked to complete questionnaires to showcase the value of music in the current times and the autonomic experience was that there were relations of competence, relatedness and self realization all of which were registered from the results.

Overall, the value of this study subjected individuals into a point of challenge where they were able to realize that a musical instrument is of great value as it provides ways to boost physical and mental health of people. However, most people seem to be wondering whether the effect was as a result of taking part in the act or similarly listening to the sound they make when they play