Cystic fibrosis-The genetic disease

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects people causing serious Lund and digestive problems. Despite the specialty in health care for Hispanic patients, cystic fibrosis is a great challenge that increases the mortality rate among these patients. According to the study by Stanford university school of medicine, there are genetic differences between the Hispanic with and without cystic fibrosis. However, the mutant genetic risks are not well classified for major generalization. The study also shows that CF is identified early and thus disparity could be reduced of great treatment measures are undertaken early and accordingly.

Early diagnosis of cystic fibrosis among the children is one of the key measures for reduced deal toll among these patients. The Hispanic patients without CF are at a better chance of benefiting from specialized care and thus it is important to consider all patients with the bets intervention strategies. According to the study, elimination of the disease is slightly lower because of late diagnosis and thus the reason for the high mortality rate. In addition, the patients undergo the same care and treatment while as their conditions are different and thus CF Hispanic patients would require more serious and intensive health care measures. The mutation of the cystic fibrosis patients is more intensive and thus is likely to affect patients intensively.

Control of cystic fibrosis

Researchers understand the great danger that Hispanic patients are predisposed to and hence should ensure intervention of this situation. The health care providers need to treat the patients more carefully as this problem is gradually affecting people at a large extent. Control treatment and prevention measure ought to be underway on how to reduce the problems associated with CF diseases as the death rate increases gradually. For example, a research study sampled Hispanic patients with and without cystic fibrosis since childhood until adulthood shows that 9 % of patients with CF disease as compared to 3% without CF. This problem show a great threat of the seriousness of the situation as the diseases is much deadlier than people could have thought.

Researchers need to identify more specific measures and effects to patients with different health conditions, as early diagnosis is beneficial. However, traditionally the cystic fibrosis patients could die during childhood and because this problem is literally controlled, prevention and treatment measures of the disease for Hispanic patients will be a great achievement. In addition, there is need to understand the mutation and genetic connections of the diseases to help control its high prevalence among patients. Genetic difference is also a great contribution of the late diagnosis of cystic fibrosis for Hispanic patients, hence coming up with clear understanding of the genetic composition and threat.

Prevention and treatment measures are still underway for the cystic fibrosis either for Hispanic or non-Hispanic patients and thus will help reduce this great challenge by a great extent. Researchers till feel that the diseases are a threat that need control before it goes out of hand and increase death rate among patients.