Up to 15 percent of adults are affected by this condition which has also been referred to as a musculoskeletal problem. According to the research findings, it was reported that the condition is further associated with women as well as those people that come from lower family backgrounds. The end results of this condition are not just associated to people coming from socioeconomic backgrounds but has been linked to fibromyalgia, which is a chronic disorder that has also been said to affect more than five million Americans.

In accordance to the research results, Dr. Catharine Gale added that the condition is associated with an individual’s ability to think. The formulated hypotheses showcased that men and women who took part in intelligence test exams and scored lower were most likely to suffer from chronic widespread pain while in their adulthood. Alternatively most of the results would be connected to poor backgrounds and socioeconomic status that led them to think they were lesser persons in life. Therefore, Dr, Gale concluded that the main causes of this condition were linked to mental health or lifestyle related factors.

About the study and what it comprised of

The study involved examination of the national survey data of more than 6,900 men and women from all over the UK. There were others who were selected from the national child development survey. Those who participated were at the ages of 11 years and several years later in their adulthood, 45 years to be exact, they completed a survey that was meant to showcase any possible misfortunes they may have had and the resultant outcomes.

The findings from the research

The study revealed that there were at least 14 percent of participants who exhibited unusual pain. These were the same people that had scored lower on the intelligence test thus confirming what the researchers has speculated. Overall, it was further revealed that among the fourteen percent, increased chronic widespread of pain was not only observed in them, but the same victims were at risk of becoming smokers or even remaining vulnerable in other ways. Overall, fibromyalgia will remain as a natural condition that not only targets children but also in their adulthood stages.

Although this is the first study, the researchers justify that the chronic widespread of pain can be depicted in different ways and starts from the time people are just but kids. According to Gale, individuals with higher intelligence as kids and maintain the level are less likely to suffer from fibromyalgia than those who start depicting challenging intelligence results as kids. Although the study showcased association of continued pain as adults from possibilities of child intelligence, there was no substantial evidence on the cause.