Florida baby saved by strangers with CPR knowledgeA five month old baby by the name Sebastian de la Cruz was saved by a stranger after she suddenly stopped breathing. The bay was with her aunt Pamela Rauseo who at Miami highway driving when the baby turned blue as a result of difficulty in breathing. She immediately pulled the car to the side of the road and attempted CPR on the baby.

The NY Daily news reports that several people noticed her and immediately went over to help. Pamela was comforted by Lucila Godey who also helped in administering CPR. L Diaz, a news photographer got out his car and ran for help. He came back with a police officer named Amaruis Bastidas who immediately rushed to the scene to aid in the CPR efforts by doing chest compressions.

Luckily, Sebastian started breathing before the paramedics had arrived proving that the CPR procedure had indeed been successful. He not only regained his normal color but also started breathing normally. He was said to be in stable condition once he arrived at Jackson memorial hospital. Doctors didn’t speculate as to the reason why this happen even though the baby was born prematurely.

Unnoticed heroes of life

People such as the ones who were present during Sebastian’s frightening situation often go unnoticed. They should as a matter of fact be hailed as heroes since they managed to save a very precious life that was yet to reach its prime. A lot of them are often humbled by such scenarios and just see themselves as ordinary people doing what any other human would have done.

Godoy, one of the people on the scene, said that she rushed to the lady’s aid as soon as she saw her screaming with the baby in her hands. It was at the moment very instinctive and she just felt an unstoppable urge to help out. The police officer said that she was just doing her duty serving the public and that she was grateful that she had received professional CPR training.

How we can be part of the group

It’s often very encouraging and satisfying to read about such stories. They might be sad at the beginning but the end is often very happy. Their desire to help without questioning is very admirable and should be emulated by all. This brings into perspective the significance of knowing CPR and how to administer it. This will without a doubt put you on the same scale as such people should an incident occur near you. This is a life saving technique that will not only help you increase survival rates but will nourish your soul once you’ve administered it to a cardiac arrest victim.

It’s imperative that every parent, irrespective of their time schedule, undergoes CPR training. They can get such training from police departments, fire departments and some hospitals. It’s worthwhile considering the fact that you never know when these attacks might occur and you’re at hand to save a life and respond.