What the report has to say?

In a report made last April of this year, the processed meats with alcohol like hot dogs, bacon, ham and the like may all boost a person’s risk of having stomach cancer. This was based on the new studies conducted. Moreover, the risk may be to boost the urge of a person to drink more alcohol, eat more processed or even gain more weight. This was based on a review conducted in the US.  The report has been released on Wednesday by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund. The review has concluded that in the US, around 1 in every 7 stomach cancer instances may be prevented if the person will not drink more than 3 alcoholic beverages daily.

It didn’t eat processed meat and it will only keep the person’s body healthy. That is just around 4,000 stomach cancer instances yearly.  This was based on the report to look for a strong proof of the links. This is in accordance to the study made by Alice Bender. She is the head of the nutrition programs of a cancer institute. There were certain things that they can do to lower down the risk of cancer. There were options that they can make daily that will surely make a big difference in every person’s life. On the other hand, the report wasn’t able to prove that the factors may actually bring stomach cancer; it only showed that there is a link between them.

What the report recommends?

The report says that people who drink more than 3 glasses of alcoholic drinks daily can boost the risk of stomach cancer. A standard drink of beer is 12 oz. while the standard drink of wine is 5 oz. only.  For those who will eat processed meat daily, the recommended amount is only 1.8 oz. It is equivalent to a piece of hotdog or 2 slices of bologna. With this amount, the risk of having stomach cancer will rise by 18%. Do you know that in every 5-unit increase in BMI, a ration of weight to height will be around 23% of a rise in the risk of having cancer in the upper part of the stomach?

Stomach cancer for your information is the 5th most typical cancer across the globe. It is also the 3rd most typical cause of death among cancer patients. This was determined by the WHO that processed meat can actually bring stomach cancer. Around 1M people with new stomach cancer cases are being recorded yearly across the globe. Nearly, around 7% of all new cases of cancer… The 5-year survival period rate is 25, mainly because the signs will only show off at the latter stage of the disease. Men on record are more prone to having stomach cancer than women by around 2 times. It will be more prominent in adults or seniors. The average age of diagnosis in the US alone is at 72 years old.