Being a parent is not easy. In addition to the many sleepless nights, you also must learn some life-saving hacks as you may face an emergency any time. While there is a long list of these hacks, there are some that are extremely important for the safety and wellbeing of your child.

Here are some activities for life-saving that every parent must know.

1.      Helping Your Child If They are Choking

As a parent, you must learn the Heimlich maneuver to save your child’s life if they are choking. This can save the life of a kid whose airway has been blocked either by food or any other object. Kids tend to explore every new thing that they come across by putting it in their mouth. It can lead to choking, which can be fatal if not taken care of immediately.

Make sure you learn the techniques that are specifically beneficial for infants and kids as they have smaller tracheas.

2.      Saving Your Child from Drowning

The incidents of kids drowning are increasing. As a parent, you must always be very careful when your children are near water. However, if your child is drowning, you must act immediately and bring them back to safety.

Make sure you are safe yourself before you jump in to save a child. Get your hands on a safety ring if you can and then go and bring your child back to safety. The child may have trouble breathing if water has reached their lungs or airways. Get medical help immediately even if the child seems fine. You must ensure that there is no water in the airways that can cause trouble later.

3.      Treating Bleeding

If your child gets into an accident and starts bleeding, then you must act immediately to stop the bleeding as soon as you can. If it is a minor scrape, then clean the wound and apply a bandage. On the other hand, if the bleeding is serious, then you must call for help immediately.

However, you must do everything you can to stop bleeding while you wait for help to arrive. Elevate the bleeding site and remove any dirt from it. Take a clean cloth and apply continuous pressure to the wound. Don’t remove the bandage to check if the bleeding has stopped.

Don’t move the injured part of the child’s body even after the bleeding has stopped. Take them to the emergency help center so that the medical experts can check the wound and treat it.

4.      Treating Burns

If your child has burned themselves, then call for emergency medical help right away. While you wait for help to arrive, run cold water on the burn for at least 20 minutes. Remove all clothing from their body to reduce discomfort. Also, avoid putting any other substance on the wound as it may cause infection.

These were some basic activities for saving lives that every parent must know. If parents know the basics, they will be able to keep their children safe.