A look at some not so common terrible disease treatmentsRecently, I have been focusing a lot on underappreciated and little known miracles in the world of medicine. It still remains a great mystery that some of these miracles go unappreciated, but it’s quite normal for humans to ignore things that disrupt belief systems that are held deeply within us or those that are against what we are searching for. As people involves with medicine, there are certain things, which are rarely talked about even though are inspiring and have a potential of changing the paradigm.

Bacteriophage therapy

Since 1800’s, researchers have always known about tiny viruses that kill bacteria. Previously, it wasn’t known that the elements are alive and it was only decades later that it came to be proved that in fact they were viruses. In a typical environment that supports growth of bacterial, Bacteriophage is also able to love. Fine porcelain filter could be used for separating them from bacterial. Bacteriophages are quite uncool and top research institutions producing phages include Hirszfeld Institute and Eliava Institute in Poland and Georgia respectively. Most of the research was conducted by Soviet Union and most scientists do not really trust Eastern Europe. No one understands their methods or languages they use and above all, we are not comfortable with their culture as well. Though the scads of research haven’t been done unscrupulously, the research suggests strongly that after all, Bacteriophage therapy actually works.

Biome reconstitution & fecal transplant

Various colon ailments, including obesity can at times result from lower intestines flora alterations and additional of appropriate bacteriological community can treat them effectively. Using healthy poop for curing diseases is certainly ancient and probably been in medical literature since 1950’s. The very ‘fecal transplant’ expression is quite giggle, if it doesn’t induce gag. Biome reconstitution is a term that sounds a little cooler and should be in use probably. So, it would be a good idea that we stop being grossed out by these terms and concentrate more in assisting the sick through their recovery.

Heparin for wounds and burns

Heparin is a biological molecule that occurs naturally released at vascular injury site from the mast cells. The molecule is naturally isolated from livers of cows or pigs and can be used for clog prevention. The formula is found in nearly every hospital and has been used as a mainstay therapy for dealing with clotting disorders. In addition, it has healing and anti- inflammatory properties, which is quite useful therapeutically and very relevant naturally. Dr. Michael Saliba has greatly opposed its use for treating skin ulcers and burns. Over the years, many critics have also said that it has the potential of causing stomach ulcers. Some of these breakthroughs have dramatically made great breakthrough in the world of medicine.