Hospital officials save the life of a shark bite victim

Yow attacked by a Shark

The reconstructive surgery was essentially undertaken at N.C Children’s Hospital at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. During this occasion, Kierston You who is a resident of Asheboro was on a family vacation with her family when on June 14, she was attacked by a shark. This happened as she swam about 20 yards off the Shore of Oak Island. About an hour later Hunter Treschl, aged 16 years lost his arm when the shark attacked. On June 8, Treschl was then released from the New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Initially, Yow had been taken to New Hanover for treatment but was later referred to UNC. Here, the hospital officials released a statement saying that she has been receiving excellent care and is in good condition. Dr. Bill Adamson who is the chief surgeon at the UNC Children’s Hospital reported on Thursday about the surgeries Kierston had gone through and her recovery from the same. When she was admitted at the UNC, Kierston had two surgical operations done on her on Tuesday and Friday, June 16 and June 19. Also, Adamson continued to say that operative debridement had been performed by surgeons in both cases. This is whereby dead and damaged tissue is removed from the wounds that ware on her left leg and left arm with the wound dressings being changed thereafter.

Reconstructive surgery performed

Kiersten had reconstructive surgery done on her on June 24. A team of well experienced surgical specialists at the hospital used skin graft to cover her lefts with the initial reconstruction of the elbow being completed thereof. Elbow reconstruction will be continued in the following weeks accompanied by skin grafting on the arm as well as surgical wound care. Before this surgery, she could only walk with assistance and it is expected she will do so again soon. For now, she remains confined at the hospital to ensure that the skin graft heals well. Fortunately, the bite wound she suffered on her leg never reached the nerves or bone that control lower leg. This means that despite her losing some muscles, it is expected that the skin grafting will offer her good function of her leg.

Rehabilitative therapy will really help her to re-master independent walking while at the same time exercise properly. The entire care team continues to be amazed by the girl’s can-do attitude and upbeat, which seems quite extraordinary considering the trauma that a girl of her age experienced. She seems completely determined to return to her normal life and her parents were very thankful to the medical team for the care they had given their doctor. They noted that the quick medical actions were what saved her life.