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Most of opioid prescriptions are mental health disorder


Date: October 27th, 2017

According to a study, the majority of opioid prescriptions go to those with mental health disorders. 16 percent of Americans have one mental disorder or the other. It is to this 16 percent that most of the opioid prescriptions go to.  Now, just imagine that more than 50 percent of these prescriptions go to these people, and that is way too much. What about the rest of the people with other conditions like chronic pain that need the same prescriptions? It means there is not enough for everyone in the market.

A Few Heart Health Goals You Need To Meet


Date: October 25th, 2017

Good cardiovascular health does not just happen, you have to make it happen. Thus, you need clear guidelines about this, to show you what you should do, the American Heart Association has put forth goals that everyone must strive to meet if they aim to enjoy proper heart health. Thankfully, these goals are simple to adhere to, since they are mostly what a doctor would advise you at the hospital to do to enjoy great heart health. You will also find it easy to inculcate them to your daily life, that is, if you are very determined.

Achieving cardiovascular goals help elderly live longer


Date: October 23rd, 2017

If all the goals for the cardiovascular are met there would be longer life and less death caused by heart diseases. There is no doubt that enhanced cardiovascular health is going to enhance the lifespan of many Americans. American Heart Association has put a lot of work into this. The elderly people are at the highest risk of getting a cardiac condition more than the younger people. However, everyone needs to know that they are at risk so they can take the right preventive measures.

Sugary drinks raise the risks Type 2 diabetes in women


Date: October 21st, 2017

A woman who frequently has a sugary beverage is more like to get type 2 diabetes than a woman who takes it rarely. But this is not as new as there has always been an association between refined sugar and diabetes. However, there have been few studies in between to substantiate this. In the study discussed below, you will see why women should avoid sugary drinks or totally obliterate them from their diet.

The dangers of Heart Disease to women


Date: October 19th, 2017

Most women in US are killed by heart disease yet neither do most women and doctors realize this danger. Is there something that is gender specific that causes heart disease? Is there something that the medical world has been missing?

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