People should choose safe Contraceptives

According to the 2015 report from the National Center for health Statistics the majority of people who use contraceptives are choosing to take the birth control pill. The second most frequently chosen method of birth control is the intrauterine device, or IUD.

The Affordable Care Act is mandating insurances to pay for birth control, so there will be more women looking for approved contraceptives.

1. The Pill

The birth control pill is the chosen method of birth control for sixty percent of the women between the ages of fifteen and forty four. This method of birth control is not recommended for women who are older than thirty five, for women who smoke, or for women who have a family history of breast cancer.

If women are not taking the pill because of a family history of breast cancer there is a mini pill on the market that might be the right choice. The mini pill does not contain estrogen. There are still side effects associated with the mini pill, and people who have breast cancer are still not recommended to use this method of birth control.

There are patches and rings that work using the same medications that are found in birth control pills. The patches are great for people who simply do not remember to take their birth control pill each day at the same time. The patch is changed once a week, and the ring is replaced monthly.

2. Progesterone shots

Progesterone shots are chosen by a lot of women. The shot is taken in the arm once every three months. These injections may cause irregular bleeding, and people taking them should make certain they are getting adequate amounts of calcium.

3. IUD

The IUD is a device that does help prevent pregnancy, but also carries with it a chance of uterine perforations, infertility, and even death. During the 1970s, several defective IUDs were found to have damaged several women, and to have caused deaths. This caused many women to fear the devices. They are now becoming popular again, but they do still have some risk associated with their use.

4. Condoms

The male use latex condoms are not the best form of birth control, or the most reliable form of birth control, but they also give some protections against VD.

5. Sterilization

Women over the age of thirty five are more likely to have their tubes tied than women under the age of thirty five. Black women who are over thirty five are more likely to have their tubes tied than white women over thirty five. Sterilization is considered permanent, but there are methods of reversing the procedure.

Which Women Use Birth Control?

The older a woman gets, the more likely she will be to use a birth control method. Data that was published by the National Survey of Family Growth shows that less than half of the women under the age of twenty four are actively using birth control methods. More than half of the women over the age of twenty four are using birth control, and the majority of women who are over the age of thirty five are using birth control.