The role of WHO in stopping child obesity

The WHO has reported the growing cases of child obesity and so they insist that there must be a tax imposed on sugar sweetened drinks. According to the report from the WHO and their commission on ending childhood obesity, says that it covers the areas like the marketing of the foods along with the non-alcoholic beverages to kids and the imposing of school meal in a standardize basis. As a whole, the basis for the taxation measures to affect the purchasing power and decision making is robust and it was sustained by the evidences on hand, according to the report.

Moreover, the proof will be available anytime soon as nations that will implement the taxes on foods and sugary drinks that are not healthy will be closely monitored. They do believe that there are enough foundations to allow the introduction of the effective tax on sugary drinks. The report has just revealed that the price will affect mostly the low income consumers.  The yearly policies might persuade the consumers group to come up with healthier options thus given the healthier alternatives and giving indirect educational signals along with public health signs to the entire nation.

Sugary drinks will be taxable soon

Some of the nations might consider imposing taxes in foods high in sugar as well as in fat according to a report. Corresponding to the report, the Washington based beverage association in America said that there is no proof that shows how the taxes on the items in the supermarkets such as drinks can affect the health of the people.  In a current study about the effect of the soda tax in Mexico showed that it has ended up in a decrease of around 4.9 calories daily in every individual. They have used a bathroom scale for the measurement according to the association. More so, even if the tax advocates haven’t seen the claims that the soft drink intake is providing a factor behind the obesity cases, the data on health has just showed that the rampancy of public health challenges like obesity went on in terms of the growth even if the sugar consumption coming from soda has dropped by around 39% in the year 2000.

According to the WHO in a current report published, the study has discovered that an excise tax of 1 peso in every liter on sugar sweetened drinks made on January 1st of 2014 in Mexico has been linked with the entire 12% less in sales. Throughout the globe, there is around 41M kids ages 5 and below who suffers from obesity and this is according to the report conducted by the WHO. The rampancy of kids who are obese went up by 6.1% in 2014 alone from the old data which is 4.8% in 1990. The number of kids who are overweight in lower middle income countries went up as well to around 15.5M in 2014 alone from the old data which is 7.5M in 1990