Obesity and its relation to puberty among boys

Too much weight can actually delay or even make the puberty among young boys faster, but that depends on how many pounds they will carry. This is according to a new study.  Boys who are overweight may tend to go through puberty faster than those who are not overweight according to researchers who studied 3,900 boys’ ages 6-16 years old.  However, there is also a study that boys who were obese tend to go through the puberty stage slower than those who are not obese; this is in accordance to the newest study conducted this January through the Journal Pediatrics.

They have discovered that they never expected, this is about the obese boys develop puberty at a later stage; however they seem to develop earlier. This is according to Dr. Lee. She is the author and the professor of the pediatrics & public health in a university in Michigan.  You may anticipate for a linear relationship in between the weight as well as the timing of the puberty, however, they have discovered that it is not the case. It was said that the hormones in women, estrogen are the culprit for the said shifts in the timing of the male puberty, she added.

Too much estrogen can hinder puberty?

The fat cells create the aromatase; it is the enzyme that is responsible in synthesizing the estrogen from the other sex hormones. If there are lots of body fats, there will be more estrogen production in the body, she insisted. In a study made in the past, the study has shown that obese girls tend to go through puberty earlier than the girls who are not obese, with too much estrogen stimulating the development, the authors of the study once said it in writing.  With the findings given early on, the researchers thought that overweight as well as obesity among boys will hinder the puberty stage with the additional estrogen in the body, she added.

To prove that the test made is true, the researchers did a follow up tests to 3,000 boys going through the puberty stage, they track down the stat of the puberty by taking note of the changes happening in their body to check the sexual maturation.  The boys were checked if they are obese or if they are overweight in accordance with the guidelines coming from the USCDCP. Those who are obese had a body mass index checked and it puts them in the heaviest 5 of all the boys their age, while the others were judged through their weight and had the BMI checked as well that puts them in the 85-95% of the boys of the same age. The white as well as the black boys who were overweight be likely to enter puberty at a quite earlier age based on the research. For instance, the overweight white boys had their first stage of puberty at age 9 when compared to those at age 10 with normal body weight