There are ways to disrupt the spreading of Zika Virus

The outbreak of the ZIka virus in Brazil and in other nations has elevated the worry that the pathogen might spread widely all over the US too. However, the federal health officials as well as other infectious disease specialists say that at the moment, there is no recorded case yet. They do not think that the transmission of the virus will be widespread and this is based on what is happening at the moment. This is according to the statement of Dr. Bell. She is the director of the National Center for Emerging & Zoonotic Infectious Diseases. There are some reasons why she is very positive about the case of Zika in spreading throughout the country; she said that it may be contained.

The first thing is that the 2 species of mosquitos that may be probable in transmitting the virus and these are the Aedes Aegypti & the Aedes Albopictus reside usually in the southern part of the world and in some tropical parts of America. This makes it likely to transmit particularly in such places only. For some reasons, the sequence of events as well as conditions that the virus needs to be able to spread can be easily disturbed in America than in some other parts of the globe. For instance, a lot of people in America have air conditioning units at home during summer time, this means that they are not likely to open their windows all the time within the day and during the hours that mosquitoes are likely active.

Beware of Zika virus

Even if they open their windows, most of the houses have screens. A lot of nations and other cities use mosquito sprays and they are aware of how they will work to eradicate the pools with water that is not in use and where the mosquitoes may breed. These are just some of the conditions that will make it less likely for the Zika virus to spread, she added.  However, those who frequently travel who were infected with the Zika virus in other nations have arrived in the US and they are expecting more people to come over for a visit. This will boost the probability that the virus may spread and that will be beyond the case, she added.  There is truly a probability that the virus will be transmitted and because the virus is new in the country, most of the people do not have immunity to it.

However, even if that scenario happens, Dr. Bell along with the CDC thinks that the outbreak will not likely to be massive. This has been the case with the 2 other viruses that have spread massively within Latin America and throughout the Carribean in the past years with dengue and with Chikungunya. What they have seen in people with Chikungunya the same as what they have seen in patients with dengue.  There are some small instances with a localized spread in the southern parts of America, but there are only limited cases of spreading.