Many people do not know intense exercise could lead to gut damage. They think that it is something that is common when exercising. However, the aches the discomfort never goes and so the persistence causes people to go to the hospital. But even that may not give you a solution. Just know that intense exercise can harm your bowels. You need to know when to stop. You need to know when enough is enough and stop it for the benefit of your health. But has this been proven scientifically? Yes it has. Below is a sneak peek into one study.

What the study entailed

Author Ricardo Costa said that the reaction to the stress applied in an intense exercise stops the gut function.

Costa added that the blood redistributes away from gut to muscle which hurts the gut cells. Costa is a researcher at Monash University in Australia.

Investigators got to see the risk of gut damage as the time and intensity of exercise increases.

The researchers looked at others studies on this topic. The beginning of this gut damage is two hours of intense exercise. Costa gives an example of strenuous exercises, which are running, cycling and so on.

He also said that heat stress worsens the situation. People who have gut diseases are more vulnerable to this issue. Dr. Elena Ivanina, a senior gastroenterologist at Lenox Hill Hospital, was not in this research but reviewed the study. She said that normal blood flow maintains health of the gut.

When the blood flow to the gut is disrupted, there can be swelling that will damage gut lining. Once the lining is destroyed, it is very easy for toxins to get into the systemic circulation.

She made sure to mention that exercise done with moderation is very good for gut whereby it helps one maintain a healthy weight and consequently prevent consequences of obesity like gallbladder disease, fatty liver disease and others. Regular exercise also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Making sure you ae hydrated during the workout and eating some amount of carbohydrates and proteins before and during the workout would help reduce these problems.

Ivanina also suggests preventive measures which are drinking a lot of water and resting. She also advised that in case of any symptom visit your doctor.

Costa suggested that people exercise with moderation. If you feel any abdominal pain while doing exercises, don’t ignore it unless you want people performing adult cpr on you when you pass out.

When you have gut problems

People with symptoms of gut problems exercise should see their doctor. The investigators said that one should not take no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs before exercise.

Costa said that an emerging diet by the name ‘a low FODMAP diet’ that can reduce gut symptoms. FODMAPs are specific types of sugars that pull water into the intestinal path.

It is suggested that you consult a dietitian who knows FODMAP diets. Such diets should be started with help of someone who is familiar with them.

Costa said that there is no evidence that dietary supplements can reduce these gut problems.