Introducing Benzyl alcohol lotion for treating head lice among treatmentsHead lice are tiny parasitic insects that infest the neck and head areas and usually attach the eggs they lay on the hair shaft base. While head lice are not known to cause any disease, the thing is that they can irritate and cause itching to the scalp. Scratching excessively might lead to bacterial infection. However, always remember that there are various products, which can treat head lice effectively including a new one that was approved by FDA in April 2009. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, between 6 and 12 million children aged between 3 and 11 years are infested by head lice. They are particularly very common among children attending elementary school children and those attending child care institutions.
Head to head direct contact is the main way in which head lice are spread among people. Lice neither jump or fly and move by crawling. But since children play at a very close range with one another, it is possible for lice to travel from one child to another.

Head lice suck blood

Head lice have a color ranging between tan and grayish white and have sesame seed size. These insects usually suck blood and attach themselves on a person’s skin on their head and usually lay eggs in the hair. The fact that you have lice doesn’t mean that you are dirty but rather, it means that you have been around other people with head lice. Head lice can be checked by parting your hair in various spots and are easily spotted if you use a bright light and a magnifying glass. Since lice tend to move at a very fast pace, spotting the nits or rather their eggs might be easier. The nits have dandruff like look but while dandruff comes off very easily, nits on the other hand are attached firmly to the hair.

Head lice treatments approved by FDA

FDA has approved both prescription and over the counter drugs for treatment of head lice, which come in various forms such as lotions, shampoos and creams. Most of these head lice products shouldn’t be used for children aged below two years, and it is always very important that the parents read the label very carefully to ensure that the product is safe for the child. FDA recently approved a new medication that can be used by children aged over 6 months to treat head lice. The new drug is called Ulesfia benzyl alcohol and the active ingredient in it is benzyl alcohol. It is one of the most effective and safe head lice treatments on the market today.
But just like other prescription drugs on the market, the market comes with a share of its risk. Some of its common side effects include skin, eyes and scalp irritation and also scalp numbness particularly where it is applied.