Dr. Seth Roberts is the author of the famed book, The Shangri- La Diet alongside its corresponding publication: how to book. It provides people with a unique weight loss approach and majorly focuses on the notion of ‘setting points’. With this book, the reader is never far away from losing weight. The Shangri- La Diet explains the set point to mean a saturation point or a kind of plateau within the body. Medical research has shown that the human body has several of the said ‘set points’ and in weight loss, it is referred to as the ‘weight set point. This is where you hear someone say that s/he hasn’t lost weight for the past three weeks meaning that they are at weight set point.

While dieters use the term set point in this way to mean a plateau, Dr. Roberts and medicine doctors use this word for describing a kind of stasis or reaction balance. This can be quite confusing to a layperson, but Dr. Roberts’ plan has been designed in a way that everyone can read, understand and follow easily. He explains that it is possible for people to reduce their set point for appetite by adding between 1 and 2 bland oil tablespoons and sugar solution to your daily intake of food and limiting your intake for solid foods to flavorless and bland foods. In turn, you will significantly lower your need for food and thus reduce your caloric intake, which will result in weight loss.

Pros of the Shangri- La Diet

One of the main advantages of Shangri- La Diet is that it doesn’t feature any aspect of physical activity and makes it an ideal weight loss solution for individuals with limited mobility or those leading a sedentary lifestyle. Users of Shangri- La Diet who also call themselves SLDers are great internet users who take full advantage to online support and forums. These are much more effective than some of the weight loss methods used, which do not deliver the desired results. In his publication, Dr. Roberts puts an argument that is very compelling, which also includes the extensive ‘self experimentation’ on the way individuals can suppress appetite with Shangri- La Diet including people who binge eat.

Cons of Shangri- La Diet

Unfortunately, with Shangri- La Diet, the user is required to ingest oil, something that can at times prove to be rather difficult to accomplish. This program is also quite restrictive, which makes less effective when being undertaken at home where your partner is feeling rather excluded. Maintaining this program can be rather tricky and most users find it rather difficult to revert to eat flavored foods. Unfortunately, if you can’t maintain the diet, your weight loss efforts are seriously ruined. This diet can also lead to a serious reduction in weight, which can generate an alarm from loved ones and doctors. Finally, the lack of exercise component in the program limits its effectiveness.