Nutrition in Fish Has a Lot of Advantages

A number of studies have been done about the importance of fish in our diets, but the recent one shows that well prepared fish that is done according to the health standards will boost the activities of the brain to the aged people. It will also cover them from getting cardiovascular diseases, and the best of them all is that fish will make the immune system of people of all ages stronger. There is a research that has been carried out by some Swedish researchers, and it suggests that if fish is included in the diets of children that are below the age of 12 years, it can help greatly to prevent the children from developing allergic ailments.

Institute of Environmental Medicine expatriates, and those from Department of Clinical Science and Education in Stockholm did a data analysis that involved about 3,300 Swedish children. The parents were given directives to do assessments of allergies that are common in the ages of between one and twelve years. The assessments had to be carried out with the considerations of the factors of lifestyle and exposure to the environment. A questionnaire for a one year old was to capture the amount of fish that a particular child could consume in a day. When the growth of the children developed to 8 years they were given Immunoglobulin E which is used to test if there are any signs of allergies. The results were positive and the researchers concluded that to reduce the risk of allergies at an early age people can depend on the nutrition that fish brings to our diets.

The Outcome Is Not Established

Researchers are content with the results they got but there is one thing that they are not sure of, and that is the actual substance that works against allergic diseases. Some medics give credit to Omega-3 Fatty Acids that are present in fish because they support immunity of the human body and in addition they regulate the functioning of the heart.

Care Should Be Taken Too

It is recommended that when parents are feeding their children on fish, they should also consider the effect of mercury that is known to be in fish. For this reason the best thing to do is ensure that they buy fish which is tested for mercury, because some have high levels of it and they cannot be allowed into the market. To be on the safe side they can depend on the information provided by the American Pregnancy Association, which provides the kind of fish that people should avoid. Some of the fish are marlin, swordfish, Ahi tuna, mackerel and shark. More information about this study can be accessed in the American Society for Nutrition journal.