How Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma is treatedJust as its name suggests, Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma usually develop in lymph system which is a part of the immune system. Lymph system typically consists of the lymph, lymph vessels, spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, tonsils and bone marrow. In pregnant women, Hodgkin lymphoma is similar to the disease found in non pregnant women who are in childbearing age. Pregnant women get a different type of treatment.

Risk factors for Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma

Some people have a high likelihood of getting Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma compared to other people. The risk factors for Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma include being in late or young adulthood, infection with Epstein Barr virus, being male, and first degree relative with Hodgkin lymphoma. However, pregnancy isn’t a risk factor of Hodgkin lymphoma

Symptoms of Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma

Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma comes with a couple of possible signs that should alert you of this problem, which include fever, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats as well as weight loss. While Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma may cause these symptoms, it is essential that you remember that other conditions might have similar symptoms as well. In case the problems fail to go away, it is essential that you consult your doctor immediately. Possible signs that you should watch out for include swollen, painless lymph nodes at the groin, neck and underarm, drenching night sweats, fever and loss of weight for apparently no known reason, feeling very tired and itchy skin.

Detecting Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma

There are various tests done to find Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma and a combination of tests may be done in order to provide more confirmatory results. Common tests include physical examination and history, complete blood count in which case the doctor checks the red blood cells and hemoglobin by evaluating blood samples, blood chemistry studies, sedimentation rate, lymph node biopsy, etc.

Chance of recovery

A couple of factors determine the chance of a patient recovering from Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma or the so called prognosis. This includes the patient’s symptoms, stage of cancer, type of Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma, the results of blood test, the age, general health and gender of the patient as well as if the cancer suffered is progressive or recurrent.

Treatment of Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma

When it comes to treating Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma among pregnant women, the kind of treatment availed depends on how old the fetus is and the patient wishes. When the cancer is diagnosed early, it is possible for it to be cured. Once the cancer is diagnosed, other tests are done for checking of the cells have also spread to other body parts like the lymph system. This is what is known as the staging and it is what determines the treatment provided. Standard treatments given to contain Adult Hodgkin Lymphoma include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery and patients can also participate in clinical tries which they qualify as well.