There has somehow been a way to accommodate it despite the evident harm and repercussions brought about even by the smallest mistakes. Confidence in doctors is often built in an environment where the margin of error is basically the difference between life and death. They begin to fit perfectly into their shoes the more they get used to the demands of saving and losing lives.

Even simple courses like online BLS certification if not handled right could lead to a fall out between the trainer and the student. Students need to be made to feel that they are part of the program.

First-hand experience of doctors

There is always a feeling of uncertainty and doubt surrounding a student doctor despite the fact that they are a few years into the course. It’s not an occurrence that happens in tandem with all medical doctors but is an experience that is due to catch up with a majority of them.

The cloud of doubt is mostly based on whether or not they are fit to be doctors to begin with. There is need for intensive soul-searching during such moments as one waits for that small inner voice of encouragement to say that “Yes, you are more capable that you give yourself credit”. Unfortunately, it all sums up to flatter once you are asked a question that you pretty much know the answer to but aren’t 100% confident with it. It gets even tougher as one tries to reduce the damage done on their ego as they try and claim that they knew the answer all along.

Sadly enough, self-doubt often takes center stage and students will keep everything to themselves as they retreat to a shell of solitude. The positive out of this is that it plants the student’s feet into the ground and humbles even the most confident of characters.

Comparing med-school environment with other institutions

No one will contest the fact that it’s only in med-school where you are directly responsible for your actions. Other courses have the room to accommodate errors and even mitigate risks or mistakes made. Look at it this way, a mistake in med-school won’t result in broken machinery, misplaced documents or lost funds, it’ll result in something far much serious such as death.

The only factor that then differentiates a successful student from a failure is simple. They just need to bar the knowledge of the repercussions and instill a character that doesn’t allow them to be the least paralyzed by the fear of the responsibility placed on their hands. All this is acquired only at med-school where an error is met by some raging from your mates or a stern look from your attending. It’s the only medical environment where they are allowed to make not all, but a few minor mistakes here and there. It’s here that they gain the required confidence as attending shouts about their ineptitude, mind you, in front of the very patient they were trying to impress.

For now, the shoes seem a little too big for you to fill considering the unimpressive rate at which your feet are growing. Don’t despair as you’ll be surprised at how fast things change once you get your confidence in check while in med-school.