A recent study suggests that stopping to use a drug meant for lowering cholesterol levels in the body as a result of stomach pain or muscle ache may cause dangerous effects in the long run. Researchers reported that persons who ceased taking statins due to a side effect had a likelihood of dying by 13% or have stroke or heart attack in a period of four years in comparison to individuals who continued using drugs.

Drugs that inhibit cholesterol release from the liver

Statins are drugs like atorvastatin which is commercially known as Lipitor; rosuvastatin alternatively called Zocor, simvastatin and crestor. Such drugs work by preventing the ability of the liver to release cholesterol and at the same time help the organ to eliminate the fat that is in the blood in regard to the United State Disease Control & Prevention center.

Statins Drugs are universally prescribed to persons suffering from a heart disease. More so, Unites States Prevention Service Task Force give those drugs to persons between the age of  forty to seventy five years with no history of heart diseases but have at least one or many risk factors as well as a ten year heart stroke & heart attack risk by 10%.

Despite the shocking statins evidence, at least half or quarters of the patients refrain from taking those drugs in a period of 6 months to 12 months. This was written by Dr. Alexander Turchin of Women’s & Brigham Hospital from Boston and his colleagues in Internal Medicine Annals.

Effects of taking statins or switching to a different type

Researchers analyzed some data that was derived from 2 boston hospitals in the year 2000 & 2011 in order to establish the end results of persons who switch to a lower dose or a different dose and those who continue with the use of statins in comparison to those who completely stop using statins.

During that particular period, over 200,000 adults were given statin drug. However, around 45,000 claimed to have a side effect which they thought was related to statins. Statin side effects included stomach aches or muscle pains. Among the 45,000 with side effects, the team gave special attention to 28,266 persons. 19, 989 persons continued taking statins with half continuing with that same drug.

About 4 years from the time the side effects were seen 3,677 patients suffered from stroke or even died. Among them that continued to use statins 12.2% was in that group in comparison to 13.9% of them that had stopped using statins due to side effects.

Generally, the researchers realized that persons who had stopped to use statins due to side effects were likely to die or have stoke or a heart attack by 13% during that study period unlike people who were still taking the medicine. New findings show individuals the benefit of continuing to take in statins. This was said by a Cardiology professor, Dr. Robert Rosenson.

The New study encouraged the stakeholders to work as a team and inform the public and include media support to explain to the masses that putting an abrupt end to statin treatment is a grave mistake as it is life threatening.