The Truth behind a Current Study about Diagnosing AutismThe truth behind the rising number of kids with autism

There is a current headline report about the number of kids being diagnosed with autism is rising by around 30% just within two years. The truth is that there are lots of kids these days who are truly suffering due to communication barrier and lack of social skills. According to Dr. Chuck, he feels that the parents must be the first to go over this article, because they are the ones who needed help badly. The kids must be connected with others and they need to be comfortable in their own home and also in school throughout their lives.

He wants the kids to enjoy their youth and have the chance to be connected to the world and see how wonderful life is.  He knew for a fact that there are few things that must be considered, since the way the kids are screened changes in time, how the moving of funds occurs along with the resources and how to make sure that the kids will get their needs on time are very essential too. Just recently, 1 out of 68 kids in the US alone has autism as young as 8 years of age.

Compared to the past, the chances of autism these days are more usual if you have a history of autism in the family and the boys are prone to it 5x than girls. Oftentimes, kids with whiter complexion are more prone to autism than those who are not. The environment also facts in knowing the truth behind autism, there are studies sorted out by researchers that showed the role of chemical exposure of kids with autism. Parents are advised to seek help to be able to know if their kids are autistic or not, so that proper measures must be made.

How parents can help their kids with autism

More than anyone, it is the parents who can help their kids upon knowing that they are autistic. You need to bring your concerns to a specialist.  You must be heard to be able to know why your child has a poor learning ability, why his/her communication is poor and others. If you are not satisfied with what the doctor have said about your child, then you are free to seek for a second opinion.  Normally, the doctor will check if the child has a normal hearing and vision before him/her checks for autism.

If there is a history of autism in the family, you need to let your doctor know about it, this will help in solving the problem easily and be able to boost the development of your child in every step of the way.  You should know that the earlier you know your child is autistic, the earlier you can seek for help and support. As he/she grows you will be able to see the improvements in him/her.