Some key benefits of Quercetin you probably didn’t knowMost people are highly concerned about experiencing endurance troubles when working out. If you are one of them, chances are high that you are not taking enough vegetables and fruits. A key antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables called Quercetin has been found to play a major role in bettering fitness endurance.

Where can you get Quercetin compound?

A recent study examined twelve college students who were healthy but didn’t exercise regularly. The researchers gave the students Quercetin supplementation for a period of seven days. According to the findings of the researchers, the antioxidant was very effective in boosting exercise endurance and on the other hand, another separate 7 day research period without use of any supplement didn’t. This compound referred to as Quercetin is found in plenty in various foods like red apples, berries, red onions, cabbages, black and green teas and broccoli. Quercetin is largely believed to contain multiple antioxidants, cell energy activation and anti inflammatory properties could have many great benefits.

The result findings of the study

While there were other studies conducted in the past regarding Quercetin, they majorly involved animals and not humans. In their efforts of finding out if the test on humans could work and at the same time enhance energy levels in the research subjects, the investigators measured the maximum uptake of oxygen by the students and how many minutes each of the student was able to ride a bike in stationery mode/ state. During the research period that lasted for seven days, the researchers were given Tang containing a placebo and the next seven days drank Tang having 500 mg of Quercetin. The period during which Quercetin supplement was used had a moderate 4 percent maximum oxygen increase in uptake compared to the days when no supplementation was used. In more understandable terms to the lay person, those who participated in the research were capable of riding stationary bikes for 13 percent much longer duration after taking Quercetin unlike when they didn’t.

Quercetin offers a wide range of health benefits besides improving one’s fitness endurance. It has been found to be very effective in preventing a wide range of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. Medical experts also say that Quercetin is able to effectively deal with hypertension which is one of the major causes of death today. Together with some other flavonoids, Quercetin is capable of preventing one against cancer. These flavonoids are largely available in vegetables and fruits that are well known to minimize cancer risk. These anti cancer properties can also be found in vegetables and fruits alone as they contain many useful nutrients, including antioxidants. You can as well get flavonoids by taking a supplementation of Quercetin and you can get ample doses of it without having to eat excessive food amounts that are rich in Quercetin.