Beets are nitrate rich and provide a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Athletes have been using the power of beets to help increase their strength and stamina for a long time. The medical community is just now beginning to see the possible benefits of beet juice, and they are starting to test the beets to see exactly what benefits people might receive from them.

The Study Beet Juice

Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine tested the effects that beet juice had on nine patients suffering from diagnosed heart failure. The purpose was to see what effect the nitrate rich beet juice had on the heart muscle and the pumping power of the heart.

The first stage of the test had the nine people ingest a glass of beet juice that had been altered so that the nitrates in the juice were removed. This allowed the researchers to develop a base line of the strength the individual had in the muscle that extended their knee. The patients were not told which glass of beet juice contained the nitrates and which glass was nitrate free so that the patient could not be biased and alter the results of the study.

For the purpose of the study patients were given glasses of concentrated beet juice to drink. The beet juice contained twice the normal amount of nitrates. After they drank the juice two hours were allowed to pass and the patients underwent evaluation to see what effect the beet juice had on their ability to use the muscle that extends the knee.

The Results

The results of the study were that the patients had thirteen percent more power in the muscle used to extend the knee than they had prior to the drinking of the beet juice.

The beet juice seemed to be most beneficial when the nine patients did things that required them to use fast or powerful actions to complete.

What this means

The discovery that beet juice could strengthen the heart muscle, and strengthen other muscles in the body could mean that the weakness that people experience as they age could be combated with a natural drink that has no ill effects.

The elderly are specifically prone to weakening muscles, and to loss of strength. The beet juice could be added to their diet, or a nitrate rich supplement could be added to their diet, so that they remained more strength and physical agility as they age.

More studies are needed

The study that shows the positive aspects of the concentrated beet juice was performed on a very small control group. Before the medical professionals can start to promise people that beet juice will increase their strength and stamina more studies will need to be conducted on larger groups of people.

For now, it will not hurt people to begin to add a glass of nitrate rich beet juice to their daily food intake.