Humans Are To Blame for Global Warming

The topic of global warming will always be with us until there comes a solution to the negative effects that it has caused. According to a group of scientists who carried out a detailed analysis about the causes of global warming, the main culprit turned out to be the human being. Their source of information was from abstracts or summaries from papers that were published twenty one years ago. 97% of the about 4,000 summaries stated that the effects that we are seeing are human made. This is what is referred to anthropogenic global warming. The analysis was led by John Cook of the University of Queensland.

The Denial by the Public

However, when the study was published on 16th May in the university’s journal, the public contrasted the findings. A poll was conducted in the year 2012 and the results were that more than 50% of the American citizens did not agree with the findings. Some of them said that they are not aware of the agreement of the scientists that the earth is warming because of them and their activities.

John Cook said that despite the stand that the public had taken that they are not to blame because of global warming the findings were true and their sources can affirm to that. Mr. Cook observed that the difference between the findings and the perception of the public is great, which is not the normal outcome because in normal circumstances the public tend to agree with a unanimous findings of a number of scientists. The agreement of the public with the findings of scientists is very crucial because when they are supposed to implement the policies that the scientists put in place to deal with the problem at hand.

The Need for Refined Information

There is the need to let people realize the risk that there is if they do not understand how humans catalyze global warming for this reason the researchers acquired academic articles from the database of  ISI Web of Science. The peer-reviewed climate science articles were given to a team of volunteers who would use set criteria to determine the exact facts that showed how human activities affect climate change. The abstracts were then analyzed by independent raters who were not in the group of volunteers or the scientists. It was discovered that from close to 12,000 papers that were analyzed, 33% endorsed Anthropogenic Global Warming, 66% did not agree or reject that there is AGW and 0.7% rejected it. In some of the papers, about 0.3% of the reviewed ones, the authors indicated that there was no certain cause of global warming.

The scientists are the only ones who can answer the questions whether we the humans are causing the global warming or not, and come up with policies that can be implemented to curb the menace.

Just as pertains other important things about life, people know very little about global warming or what they can do to prevent it. It is just the same as how people know that they need first aid skills, yet do not know where they can go for CPR and first aid training.

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