How the President Care for the Masses

Pres. Barack Obama has a gun plan and it was revealed by the health practitioners last Tuesday. According to them, they were so happy to know that the Pres. Has a gun plan and this means public safety and reforming of the gun law? They are persuading the Congress to pursuit this law. According to the Pres. The rampancy of shooting incidents in the U.S. has killed a lot of people. The well detailed executive orders in series have a goal of keeping the guns away from the hands of those who doesn’t know how to use it accordingly.  The researchers will help in improving the gun safety in the U.S. and with just further research, the government can help in lessening the traffic mortalities dramatically in the last thirty years, added Pres. Obama.

This is just as making a research on foods, medicines, cars and toys that may be harmful to the masses, the government does this to keep the people safe all the time. The White House along with health workers have been in favor of the gun research and this is just the same as what they did to the seat belt laws that the people is currently enjoying. In terms of the car accidents, violence related to guns is not an ailment, but it is a case of primary killing. The injuries related to firearms are one of the prominent health issues of the public.  They can use the law and it will serve as a tool to hinder and regulate harms.

The alarming cases of violence

The incidents of violence related to guns are now becoming an epidemic in the country and is also becoming a health issue among the residents. The act that the president has just revealed last Tuesday is just an essential step to help in keeping the guns out of the hands of those who do not know how to use them. These are the steps he can take and the use of the current law to make the security of the people furthermore is just a good idea. Can you imagine a government that doesn’t want to do something in a community worrying about their safety and the lives that were lost?

However, the Congress has just restricted the federal health agencies from making the researches, or even paying for the research regarding the violence against gun owners starting 1900s. But if you will go to the website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention there are no cases under the firearms and even under the guns even if there are cases indicated under the motor vehicle accidents. The data of the firearms cases were suppressed in a bigger report in all reasons of death. There is a data that shows how more than twenty one thousand people pass away because of suicide through a gun, while eleven thousand of which were linked to homicides through guns in 2013.