Despite their seemingly potent aroma, onions and garlic which are a part of a big family of vegetables known as alliums that also includes scallions and leeks not only have unique tastes but their incredible nutritional benefits are something that can’t be overlooked. For many centuries now, Chinese, Egyptian and Indian cultures have used alliums and truly enjoyed their incredible nutritional benefits. And even though some of the nutritional claims haven’t been able to stand test of time, studies have shown that the alliums are very effective when it comes to improving cardiovascular health as well as reducing their likelihood of getting all site cancers particularly the cancers that affect digestive organs and reproductive organs.

Risk of prostate cancer in men reduced

Recent times have seen researchers become much more interested in the role played by alliums vegetables to boost prostate health as well as preventing prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society notes that 1 in every 7 men are going to be diagnosed with the prostate cancer in their lifetime. An interesting thing to note is that the rather offensive stench of garlic and onions is also a secret weapon as well. The vegetables usually contain some organic compounds that are attached with sulfur. This is the element that is responsible for the smelling of rotten eggs. Upon chopping the onion or garlic, this activates the compound and there is the production of a smell. Researchers are now looking at the potent of these compounds in killing prostate cancer cells off. Positive results have now been seen in rats even though there is still need for more research that will help in identifying the possible effects of the compounds on humans.

Heart disease and blood clotting

But one thing with a wide acceptance is the fact that the stinky offenders are capable of reducing aggregation of platelets in the body thus reducing the risk of one being diagnosed with heart disease and blood clotting. Heart diseases were as of 2009 reported to be highly responsible for about 25% of deaths of men in the US. Organic sulfur compounds work hand in hand with other compounds in ensuring that the body is in a tip top shape. It is believed that there is a very complex mechanism when it comes to increasing the great power of alliums vegetables as well as their high content of antioxidant and flavonoid is a major contributor. These compounds are believed to be dynamic preservers of cells and alliums work pretty well in promoting optimal health when combined with the various colorful vegetables and fresh fruits. Using onions and garlic in cooking is believed to be the best way to reap the remarkable benefits associated with them and the unpleasant aroma will be of great benefit to you.