The mother and the daughter have similar corticolimbic systems

More than 8% of the Americans ages 12 years old and below are suffering from depression. It is very common among mother and daughters; this is according to the human study made by the researchers in a report. The animal studies made in the past have shown that when moms are stressed out while they are pregnant, this is more likely to affect the brain structure of the daughters more than the sons, particularly in the corticolimbic system.  This system is being used to check on the risks and it is also where the emotions are being processed and controlled. It contains the hypocampus, anterior cingulate cortex, ventromedial prefrontal cortex and the amygdala.

Depression, stress as well as anxiety is known as mood disorders and they are because of the alterations in he said system. The structural alterations are most likely to be passed on from a mother than from a father and they tend to affect the daughters more than the sons.  The researchers conducted from a university in California, which is lead by Dr. Hoeft, who is also an associate professor in psychiatry, checked in around thirty five families and none of them were detected with depression in an effort to link the 2 study areas.

The link between the mother and the daughter

The team has measured the gray matter volume located in the corticolimbic systems of the parents as well as the child. To be able to do this, they have used a non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging or MRI to detect it.  The outcome has just showed that there is more similarity between the mothers and the daughters in terms of the corticolimbic GMV than that was in the mothers and sons or fathers and sons and so on. Dr. Hoeft just highlights that this doesn’t actually mean that the mothers are to blame when their daughters suffer from depression, but she added that there are truly lots of factors to consider when it comes to depression like the genes that were inherited and not inherited from the mother, the environment, experiences in life and others. The mother to daughter passing of the problem is just a piece of the entire puzzle.

The link between MRI and depression

To be able to consider more varieties that are not covered by this research, the team of researchers has planned to use the method to look further at the brain of the subject in instances that involve the IVF or the vitro fertilization during pregnancy. Those who have participated will give birth from mothers with implants through a donor egg. Kids who were born after the biological mom’s egg was implanted through a surrogate & moms who were implanted with their fertilized egg called as homologous IVF