A new study has showed that when the heart is in good health, this can help a lot in protecting one against Alzheimer’s diseases as well as other kinds of dementia that might present them. This research was undertaken by at team from Vanderbilt University who analyzed data collected from more than 1000 people who they followed for a period of 11years. Over the period, there were 32 patients who were diagnosed with dementia with about 26 of them having Alzheimer’s

The risks of poorer heart function

The researchers noted that those whose heart function was poorer had double or thrice the risk of developing dementia compared to those having healthy heart as noted in the study that was published recently in an online journal circulation. Keeping this in mind, there is no doubt that the function of the heart is one of main risk factors associated with the Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The lead research, Angela Jefferson confirmed this in the university news release.

One aspect of the findings that was very encouraging is that the risk of the health of the heart can be modified accordingly. While it is definitely not possible for one to change their family history or genetics, you can achieve remarkable results by engaging in a lifestyle that makes your heart healthy. This can be done through exercise and diet over the period of your lifetime. In an average adult, about 2 percent of the body weight in overall is represented by the brain but about 15 percent of the blood that leaves the heart goes to the brain.

Being resilient, the brain regulates the flow of blood effectively and it is capable of supporting the activity and tissues of the brain. However, as the aging process kicks in, this compromises the health of the blood vessels. They tend to be less adaptable to changes in flow of blood since such changes can affect the function and health of the brain. The findings reported in the study could help in prevention of Alzheimer’s as well as other cases of dementia.

Heart healthy habits are important

One thing worthy noting is that good health of the heart doesn’t guarantee mental decline prevention. Presently, there is no method that has been proven to help fight Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, but it is very important to lead a lifestyle that promotes the health of the heart. Some of the best heart healthy habits are such as stress management, regular exercises, eating nutritious, well balanced meals and not smoking. It is very important. Such excellent habits will improve the health of the heart while at the same time helping you stay at the best of health in overall.