Colorectal cancer has become a very large problem in the recent times; however, the trick towards treating this problem has been associated with getting control of diabetes since a mix of these could indicate even the worst problems and thus why governments are searching for answers from all health avenues.

Although having high cholesterol might not seem as such a big problem to most people, when the colon cancer falls on the same timeline, this could suggest more than initially imagined. Those people who attempt to fight colon cancer over and over, but still have high cholesterol have come to realize that the problem keeps returning because of eating foods that typically increase cholesterol in their bodies.

Avoid foods that come in packages

More than 36000 patients with colon cancer were tested to substantiate the consequence of this problem. According to the founded results by oncologist and researcher Nestor Esnaola, MD, MPH and MBA at the Temple university school of medicine, it emerged that those patients with both diabetes and/or hypertension may broaden the problems associated with colon cancer than those suffering from the problem without those other mentioned associations.

Obesity is one of the leading metabolic syndrome conditions that seem to be affecting most Americans. The other is diabetes and high blood pressure respectively. Although high cholesterol remains a debatable experience, according to Dr. Esnaola and his team looking at the issues related to this problem. The information compiled by Esnaola and his team came from the 1998-2006 data where up to more than 36000 participants were tested to evaluate the cause.

Past information on colon cancer and metabolic syndrome

Although previous studies remain unconfirmed on metabolic syndrome and colon cancer respectively, Esnaola maintains that the data they accumulated substantiated that there are corresponding links between the two and thus patients previously diagnosed on any metabolic syndrome related problems may in the near future have the cancer return. In fact, the report suggested that those patients who had previously portrayed signs of high blood pressure or diabetes had 8 percent greater likelihood of visiting a physician on the same problem.

While there were mixed reviews on the results, the scientists further pointed out that high amounts of blood fats also known as lipids added protective mechanism according to their results. The data substantiated that 39% of those patients that didn’t have any hypertension or diabetes would survive.

The adverse effect associated with diabetes and hypertension becomes rather malignant when the entire problem of colon cancer is brought into the mix. The research study identifies easier ways to diagnose the problem especially when statins and cholesterol lowering drugs are used. This is because these drugs would help lower colon cancer risks at great instances.