In accordance to a study performed by researchers, with the results appearing in the journal addiction, habitual smokers among children was as a result of those who decided to experiment with menthol cigarettes. According to these findings, 80 percent of those trying out the habit out of 100 percent were actually at a risk of developing the said addiction. The study was based on those experimenting with regular cigarettes from those experimenting with the menthol flavored cigarettes.

The concept of adding this flavor is to enhance the taste, which of course is that minty chewing gum taste. Though any kid would just say that they are cigarettes and nothing more, in accordance to these research results, the menthol flavor makes them vulnerable to addiction especially new smokers. The study further pointed out those kids establishing themselves as independent smokers could also end up following up with the habit into adulthood.

Are the study results efficient?

Although several experts have shown their support on the research results, which are being aimed to prove that menthol cigarettes are indeed to blame, according to those study limitations, James Non Smoker the study leader further accorded that the findings did not entirely prove that the menthol cigarettes were indeed to blame for the addiction. The survey which took years to cover and provide cognitive hypotheses, within the third year survey, it was suggested that half of the experimenters went ahead and quit, while a third remained smokers on an occasional basis while 15 percent were habitual smokers.

Evidence on the results

While the odds still remain the same, and the groups of people categorized as smokers continue to increase, the three year study showed that in regular smokers, those who started out as a menthol cigarette flavored smokers had a difficult time quitting when compared to the victims of normal cigarettes. Note that the percentage rated on the results showed that up to 80 percent of kids that had started on the menthol with the issuance of age gender and race put into account were more likely to get addicted.

In spite of those positive results of that study, it is still believed that more study needs to be conducted to substantiate on the actual idea of that before the victims are inducted as habitual smokers due to menthol flavor in cigarettes. The question about these findings is rather challenging as people want to know whether there are any possibilities of variations although young African Americans and Asian Americans have a tendency of smoking menthol cigarettes, however, these cigarettes with menthol flavor are also recorded as posing limited or zero risk of cancer.