Findings reveal that certain types of lipsticks contain carcinogenic substances. This discovery has made users more aware and cautious of the product

Carcinogenic substance found in lipsticks

A study showed that lipstick is a product that might dim your bright future despite the fact that it lights it up when applied on your lips.

A sample of 32 lipsticks from various companies was tested at the highest levels using the very best equipments in order to come to such conclusions. There was call for concern when the tested samples showed traces of metals such as chromium, lead, aluminum and cadmium among other five metals. It should be noted that the mentioned metals are not particularly good, especially when they get in contact with certain tissues and cells in the body.

This is not the first study to reveal that there are indeed some metals present in lipstick. There was an initial study carried out in 2011, though, the report concluded that the amount found posed no significant threat to the health of the user. This was done by the Food and Drug Administration who at the time focusing on researching on metal concentration level.

A professor of environmental health going by the name Katherine Hammond gladly pitched in her opinion in this matter. She said that the main issue was not the presence of the metals, but the amount or concentration present in the lipstick. She said that a lot of these products contain extremely high levels of metals to an extent that they become toxic. She was of the belief that the study should be taken as a wakeup call, especially by the FDA who initially failed to notice this revelation.

The study showed the effect wasn’t instant. It would take a considerable amount of time for the carcinogens to take effect. The number of times that the product was used also determined the duration in which it would take for the carcinogenic substance to take react. The carcinogenic substance makes its way into tissues and cells through absorption when applied on the lips.

How users can make the best use of the findings

Facts indicated that the presence of lead shouldn’t be a cause of so much concern. This is because it’s useful when present in standardized amounts. Chromium, on the other hand, presented a different kind of case, which stated it was toxic even in small quantities. This is because it’s a carcinogenic substance that is notorious for causing stomach tumors.

Professor Hammond said that this revelation couldn’t result in ladies panicking and tossing all their lipsticks away. She was of the idea that there was no need for such drastic measures since ladies could just reduce the amount of lipstick applied. This would considerably reduce the amount of toxic metals absorbed into the body.

According to the professor, there was an urgent need to expand and intensify the study. This was because a deeper look into the subject would highlight various questions that needed to be answered. It would also help set up a standard level of metal concentration to be used in the production of lipstick and other cosmetic products.

Linda Loretz, a chief toxicologist, concluded that the amount of metals found in these products needs to be viewed. This is because there are other factors such as water, soil and air that add up to increase the amount of metal absorption in the body.